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The Art of BioShock Infinite.

The Art of BioShock Infinite is a book of production and concept art that was released February 27, 2013, after the release of BioShock Infinite. It was published by Dark Horse as a hardcover book and is currently priced at $39.99.[1]


The currently known sections are as follows:

  • An introduction by Ken Levine.
  • Concept art for the game's main city: Columbia.
  • Character designs for the game's main characters: Booker, Elizabeth, and Songbird.
  • Character designs for the game's Founders, Citizens and Vox Populi.
  • Explanation behind the designs of the Heavy Hitters.
  • A chapter focused on the advertisments and propaganda used in the game.
  • Early explorations of released and non-released Vigors in the game.
  • A chapter dedicated to concept design for the Sky-Hook.
  • Explanation behind the Weapons and Airships design.
  • Another chapter on the concept art for Columbia.


Miniature Edition[]


Cover of the miniature edition.

A miniature edition for The Art of BioShock Infinite was announced to be included with both the Premium Edition and the Songbird Edition of BioShock Infinite. This 64-page collectible mini-edition of the artbook provides a substantial look at the full version, published by Dark Horse Books, and includes a hand-distressed blue linen hardcover with a gold leaf embroidered stamp of Columbia, written as "Columbia: Customs & Excise 1907".


Behind The Scenes[]

  • During the book's announcement, Amazon had shown an alternate cover that originally mentioned Nate Wells contributing an introduction with Ken Levine,[2] but due to his departure from Irrational Games,[3] the cover had been changed to only feature Ken Levine's introduction.