The Big Daddy is a video for the Need to Know Theater that appears in the BioShock Infinite Downloadable Content Burial at Sea - Episode 1. The film focuses on the Big Daddies and the work they do to construct and maintain Rapture's utilities. The machine exhibiting this film is located in The Watched Clock Plaza.

NTKT The Bouncer Poster

"The Big Daddy"
Level: High Street

Transcript: Are you in the know? The Big Daddy may look imposing, but he's a gentle giant. Do you know all he does for Rapture? These metal gents are the hands that maintain Rapture, digging the foundation out of the sea bed and guiding structural supports into place. Where do these metal mysteries come from? Sorry, chum, that's a Ryan Industries trade secret. Now you know.

Location: On the way to The Watched Clock on the left side.

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The Big Daddy

The Big Daddy

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • This Need to Know Theater is clearly mislabeled. The machine reads "The Bouncer," but the film is entitled "The Big Daddy" and doesn't only focus on the protector model of the same name.
  • Some shots of the Big Daddies are taken straight out of the previous installments. Notably, the scene with a Rosie Big Daddy fixing a leaky windows, is from the Adonis Luxury Resort in BioShock 2.
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