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Bistro at Fontaine's sign
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Stop on by and have a bite.

Dine happy!
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The Bistro at Fontaine's is located on the upper level of the Fontaine's Electronics lobby.


The Bistro at Fontaine's ad

Spending a day shopping works up both a sweat and an appetite. The Bistro at Fontaine's was, before the sinking of the Department store, a restaurant serving the hungry costumers of the department store. Located near the tram, citizens arriving at the Housewares department could grab a bite before continuing their shopping at the various departments further inside or on their way home.

The Bistro had a rush of customers daily, and the newly developed Radar Range, was a quick and effective tool to have orders ready in just a few minutes. Bert Unger, an employee at the bistro, left the "Oven of the Future" unguarded, causing his son to get his hands on it, eventually using it on the family's Pekingese. To avoid any further accidents or the rage of his wife, Unger locked the Radar Range in the restaurant's freezer.[1]

Burial at Sea - Episode 1Edit

Bistro at Fontaine's menu

Today's Specials
Plasmid-chilled wine - 15¢
Aspic prawn casserole - 25¢
Lamb with mint jelly - 50¢
Rehydrated Ham - 30¢

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Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth must enter the Bistro to close a vent to redirect the missing girl Sally. Several Splicers will be waiting both upstairs and downstairs.

Upper FloorEdit

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The Upper Floor.

The entrance to the bistro opens to the upper level, which appears to be a self-serve buffet and salad bar, with booth-style seating looking out into the deep waters and rocky walls of the trench where the building now lies. When they enter, a Spliced-up waitress can be found wandering from booth to booth making friendly chit-chat with the numerous corpses slumped at the tables and filling their cups with an imaginary coffee pot.

Lower FloorEdit

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The Lower Floor.

The Bistro's lower level consists of some seating, a larger open area and the kitchen. Here Booker finds the vent to close, a Tear for a crate of Medical Kits, and a Tear for a Columbia Gun Automaton that overlooks the kitchen area. In the kitchen, Booker comes across a locked freezer containing the Radar Range, and the audio diary The Kiss by Shirley Womack on the counter.

New DiscoveriesEdit

New WeaponryEdit

Coded LocksEdit

  • The kitchen's freezer - 3958

Audio DiaryEdit

  1. Shirley Womack - The Kiss - Lower Floor, On the kitchen counter.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The song playing in the bistro is Midnight, the Stars, and You by Al Bowlly and the Ray Noble orchestra.
  • The Bistro at Fontaine's uses the same generic 'Bistro' sign seen on many buildings throughout Rapture.


  1. Bert Unger's Audio Diary: Oven of the Future