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The exterior of The Fellow Traveller.

BillBoard Short Officers DIFF.png
Got a tip there were contraband guns hidden in the Fellow Traveller. Didn't find 'em, but -- funny thing -- we found some old uniforms under the floorboards from the war.
― Leander Manley[src]

The Fellow Traveller is a bar in Columbia's Soldier's Field. It was used as a front for hiding contraband weapons for Cornelius Slate and the Vox Populi. However, it was later taken over during a police raid.

History[edit | edit source]

While the children of Columbia enjoyed the fun of a Dimwit & Duke show or a ride on the carousel, their parents could enjoy a stiff drink or a bite to eat at The Fellow Traveller. The tavern became a popular hang out for members of the Vox Populi as well. They used the bar for running contraband weapons while Slate stashed old uniforms until he could get them to his compatriots.

BioShock Infinite[edit | edit source]

The circled hint.

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As Booker DeWitt enters the bar, he observes multiple Vox Populi corpses throughout the blood-splattered bar; a result of the Founders having taken over the bar and killed all inside. In the kitchen, he finds the corpse of Leander Manley and a Voxophone hanging by a wall.

In the bathrooms of the bar, Elizabeth points out a Vox Cipher which will initiate the quest to find the Code Book. Beside the corpse on the floor is a picture of a cannon and a red circle around the barrel to help in the journey. The cannon will be found in the Patriot's Pride and Ticket building opposite of The Fellow Traveller.

After finding the required code book, Elizabeth can crack the code. In the second bathroom is a hat rack, pushing the hat will unlock a secret room. Inside is a Vox Populi stronghold with a weapons cache and a printing press for propaganda. There is also another Voxophone and an Infusion. The severed head of a Comstock puppet is mounted on the wall and incongruously placed near an enormous billboard for Zimmermann Chardonnay. Upon exiting the secret room, Booker and Elizabeth encounter Founder agents investigating the bar.

A sign in the secret cache room.

New Discoveries[edit | edit source]

Voxophones[edit | edit source]

  1. Leander Manley - Vox Contraband Inventory - In the kitchen.
  2. Daisy Fitzroy - Their Sun is Setting - In the secret room.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

Old Underoof Whiskey advertisement.jpeg
  • The advertisement for The Fellow Traveller was based off a poster for Old Underoof Whiskey.
  • A fellow traveller is a person who sympathizes with the beliefs of an organization or cooperates in its activities without maintaining formal membership in that particular group. In the early Soviet Union, the approximate term was used without negative connotation to describe writers and artists sympathetic to the goals of the Russian Revolution who declined to join the Communist Party.
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