Diary 19 Title The Lazarus Project
Speaker Rosalind Lutece
Level Factory
Date October the 31st, 1910
The Lazarus Project
The Lazarus Project
Transcript: Our current state of being -- or lack thereof -- has left my brother... unfulfilled. The biological urge to leave one's mark is strong. And it is not an impossibility. We could instantiate ourselves back in Columbia. Return to an old life, for the possibility of creating new. But... we died in that world. Returning would mean giving up part of us. Ourselves. We'd become flesh and all that it is heir to. The mysteries of the universe would become, once again, mysteries.

Location: In the "Sleep" area of Jeremiah Fink's Private Quarters, near the fireplace.

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Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The word Lazarus is often related to restoration, revival, and life. The Lazarus Project (much like The Lazarus Vector) drew its name from the biblical story of Lazarus of Bethany, a man who was restored to life by Jesus.