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He heard me sing at the Limbo Room, came up all bashful. He liked hearin' songs about what it's really like to live in this town…
― Grace Holloway[src]

The Limbo Room was a Jazz club on Skid Row, in Pauper's Drop, that starred Grace Holloway and operated using profits from the alcoholic drinks, Plasmids and Gene Tonics sold there.


Limbo Room

The Limbo Room Poster.

While it was still in business The Limbo Room was a popular club for the districts downtrodden residents. Grace sang songs about what it was like to be poor in Rapture, attracting many citizens.[1] One of these patrons was Grace's lover, James. When he disappeared, she was afraid she'd be next, and decided to sing pro-Rapture songs like Rise, Rapture, Rise.[2]

The Limbo Room was one of many businesses forced to shut down following the Rapture Bank Crash, precipitated by the bombing of the Kashmir Restaurant and the panic which followed.[3]

BioShock 2Edit

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Right after Subject Delta enters, he finds the Hypnotize Plasmid as a gift from Eleanor Lamb. Two Splicers are enjoying a romantic evening by dancing on the stage. This is a great opportunity for Delta to try out his new Plasmid.


This room was where the customers checked their coats or belongings, paid for their drinks, or bought a new Plasmid or Tonic. Citizens could enjoy a more intimate night out while still hearing the music from the other room. A small telephone room is also to be found here. A broken Gatherer's Garden is located on the other side of the counter and a Health Station is directly adjacent to the entryway.

The ClubEdit

Limbo Room Splicers Scripted Event

A tender moment between two Splicers.

In the main room, patrons would enjoy a nice evening with friends or loved ones, while listening to the smooth vocals of singers like Grace Holloway. The stage takes up a good part of the room. Several sets of tables and chairs can be found for the audience, most of them now under the debris from the partially fallen-in ceiling. One table is set up with a candle, bottle of wine, and a gift, most likely by the two dancing Splicers found on the stage.

Dressing RoomEdit

Grace Holloway and other performers at the Limbo would often wait backstage where they could get dressed, apply makeup in front of a mirror, or take a brief respite between numbers. A single blue dress can still be found hanging on a hook over a set of Anti-Personnel Rounds. The audio diary, Closing the Limbo Room can be found on the vanity mirror next to some Trap Rivets.

Supervisor's OfficeEdit

This was where the supervisor did his paperwork and kept watch over the Limbo Room. With a large window overviewing the first area, he or she could monitor who came and left the establishment. A Power to the People station is installed here.

New DiscoveriesEdit

Single Use EventsEdit

New Plasmids and Tonics (Found)Edit

Audio DiaryEdit

  1. Grace Holloway - Closing the Limbo Room - On the vanity in the Dressing Room.


Behind the ScenesEdit


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