Frank FontaineHQ.jpg Title The Longest Con
Speaker Frank Fontaine
Level Apollo Square
The Longest Con

Frank Fontaine: Never play a man for the short con when you can play 'em for the long one. Atlas is the longest con of all. Ryan wanted Frank Fontaine dead, I just gave him what he wanted. As Atlas, I got a new face, a clean record, and a fresh start. Now it's time to take back Rapture and --

Diane McClintock: ... Ryan did. I can't wait to tell Atlas. He'll be so pleased...

Frank Fontaine (Using Atlas' voice): Uhh, Miss McClintock... what are you doing here? Let me just... (slowly stammers back to normal voice) turn this off...

Location: Atlas' Headquarters at the Hestia Chambers, 4th floor, on a desk next to the Focused Hacker 2 Gene Tonic and the corpse of Diane McClintock.

The Longest Con

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

  • McClintock's dialogue heard in this diary is that of her recording the diary Today's Raid.
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