Reed Wahl raw picture Title The Predictive Equation
Speaker Reed Wahl
Level Minerva's Den
The Predictive Equation
AD gNr133-lNr04 Reed Wahl - The Predictive Equation f0280
Transcript: The Thinker has shown me so much. My outlook was... limited before. Ballgames and stockprices, dollars and cents. Hah! No. The numbers spiral out, they touch... everything. Hidden within them lies a predictive algorithm for you, for me, for the destiny of the base allele to the stretch of a galaxy's arm... The Thinker is destined to give birth to that crystalline equation which determines ALL. I thought I knew its true purpose before. I thought Porter was the fool. Now I see, I was the fool all along.

Location: In front of a Corpse in the center of the Boardroom.

AD gNr133-lNr04 Reed Wahl - The Predictive Equation f0281

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