Diary 5 Title The Quality of Mercy
Speaker Daisy Fitzroy
Level Factory
Date July the 16th, 1912
The Quality of Mercy
The Quality of Mercy
Transcript: Change. That's what the people need. But sometimes I feel all I have to offer them is blood and fire. The things they done to me... I can't forget 'em. I was Columbia's victim -- and victimhood begets shame. Oh, what element of human experience is more corrosive than shame? I'm rotted from the inside out. What do I have to offer this revolution except my own dark motivations? When all is said and done, what's more important to me: the people I want to save -- or those I want to murder in their beds?

Location: Factory Docks, In the room to the left of the hallway leading to The First Lady. Be careful of the Vox soldier in there.

VP gNr115-lNr02 Daisy Fitzroy - The Quality of Mercy f0723

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Parts from this Voxophone can occasionally be heard playing during the loading screen in Columbia, which appears if the player dies in Burial at Sea - Episode 2.
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