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For the Big Daddy variant, see Rumbler.

Gil Alexander.png Title The Rumbler
Speaker Gilbert Alexander
Level Siren Alley
The Rumbler
Transcript: The rate of Sister loss has become unacceptable as Big Daddies are brought down like elephants under a pack of hyenas. In response, we've begun production of a newly-designed Big Daddy model, nicknamed the "Rumbler." He launches high explosive munitions to disperse groups of Splicers, followed by miniature automated turrets to mop up the stragglers. Our tests find that the Rumbler's performance is highly effective, if messy. In Rapture's arms race, Splicers aren't the only ones that are evolving.

Location: In the restroom of the Mermaid Lounge. Requires Incinerate!.

The audio diary under the ice The audio diary with removed ice