Sofia Lamb Title Therapy with Grace 2
Speaker Sofia Lamb
Level Siren Alley
Therapy with Grace 2
AD gNr074-lNr19 Sofia Lamb - Therapy with Grace 2 f0154

Grace: All right, Doctor... I'm here. But don't think wearing this butterfly means I'm happy.

Sofia Lamb: Grace. I know you all too well. Want of child defines you. But biological loyalty turns us against the rest of the world, whom we ought to love in equal measure. Your poverty is testament to that... but your voice inspires the people. I am asking you to join a much larger family. Though your body failed you... you shall live on in us.

Location: In a filing cabinet in Lamb's Office within the Pump Station Access area.

AD gNr074-lNr19 Sofia Lamb - Therapy with Grace 2 f0155

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