Grace Holloway Title Therapy with Grace I
Speaker Grace Holloway
Level Pauper's Drop

Grace: Doctor just don't see it like I see it. I came down here to sing, and to start a family... But I just don't fit with these people; you fit with them. Look at you. How can you help me?

Lamb: Andrew Ryan's Rapture... I am the pariah. You and I share unpopular ideas... but I wonder how devoted to them you are? If you wish to learn more, wear this butterfly on your lapel at our next session. If not...we shall never speak of it again.

Location: Removed audio diary found in the localization texts and associated with the audio file GTO_L_Grac_DrLamb_01.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • This audio diary is an alternative version to Therapy with Grace 1 found in the same level of BioShock 2, though the author of the diary has been switched with its interlocutor.
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