"Oh magus, you have begun thy journey. Your master's temple has fallen but his work is not yet finished…"Orrin Oscar Lutwidge

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Phase Two of There's Something in the Sea continues the story where the event documented on the map left off. This phase takes place in Mark Meltzer's office in Montauk, Long Island New York and chronicles his investigation to find his kidnapped daughter, Cindy, in 1968.



The Abduction and the Second EncounterEdit

Back in October 1967, Mark Meltzer was able to take a picture of the strange creature thought to be abducting little girls all around the Atlantic ocean. However, the creature followed him back to his vacation home in Fairview, Maryland, and took his own daughter, Cindy, whose likeness to the previous victims was what started Metlzer's obsession with the case. He sank into depression due to his responsibility in his daughter's kidnapping and was eventually interned at Tollevue Hospital for psychiatric evaluation. He was discharged in March 1968 but did not abandon his researches. Following the trails of the sea creature, he finally encountered it again in April near the Hudson River, with the intention of catching it. This did not go well as the creature (which Meltzer confirmed as female) escaped after leaving him badly injured. Meltzer underwent hospitalization while the creature disappeared and the trail went cold.

Back on the InvestigationEdit

Now back to his office in Montauk in late May, Meltzer starts gathering his contacts in hope to find again the kidnapper. Meanwhile, his wife, grieving their daughter's disappearance, is asking for a divorce after the last incident. As if things could not get worse, detective Benny Stango started stalking around Meltzer's apartment, believing that he abducted his own daughter. One day, strange red lights are witnessed near the office and Meltzer discovers that the creature broke in and left a strange box covered with symbols. Meltzer's contacts respond back and bring their own clues and hypothesis. Phil Isidore of the National U.F.O. Society sends a copy of Utropolis, which tells the fantastical tale of an underwater science utopia, claimed to be true by its now missing author. Another contact, Jeremiah Lynch, an eccentric Irishman obsessed with mythological cultures, writes Mark about the Vanishing, which he believes to be the gathering of great minds after the end of World War 2 by the Hierophants of Atlantis. Roscoe Inman asks Meltzer to be wary of hoaxes after hearing about the break-in in his office.

The VanishingEdit

Early June, Meltzer cracks the cipher behind the symbols and the code for the box, his own daughter's birthday. In it, he discovers disturbing drawings of little girls with needles and the sea creature, an old masquerade mask and a coded plea for rescue from Cindy, hinting at a cold place under the ocean. Nonetheless, he investigates the Vanishing lead and discovers the disappearance of thousands of people between 1946 and 1950, the most being individuals talented in art, science and industry, the rest normal people with common beliefs of freedom, though some believe they all left as a movement to found their own society. Celeste Roget and Orrin Oscar Lutwidge shared this theory, the former being a French woman looking for her missing father in what she believes to be Shangri-La, the latter an eccentric scholar who disappeared himself after vowing to find "true rapture." Meanwhile, Detective Stango continues to harass him for answers about his daughter's abduction. Even so, Inman calls to warn him about his own office being under investigation, preventing him from sharing information on the missing persons. Meanwhile, Meltzer gets letters of support to his research of the missing girls from contacts of both Lynch and Isidore.

Meltzer eventually starts gathering his own intel on the Vanishing from all around the world, thanks to archived international newspaper issues but also contacts sharing the same interest like German journalist Ulrich Broder. He also receives a summary of army intelligence from Inman, estimating that around 500,000 people disappeared between 1946 and 1952. Some leads also show similar patterns with the girls' abduction, comforting Meltzer in his investigation. His researchers also came around Celeste Roget, who believed that her father Jean Louis Roget, a renowned architect who disappeared in 1946, went to a place called Shambala, a utopia supposedly hidden in the Himalaya mountains which gathered great minds of the past generation. She organized a controversial expedition Himalayas with several relatives of other missing persons in 1957 to find it but returned as the only survivor. Meltzer tries to contact her, but she refuses to speak and even discourages him to pursue his investigation. She later sends him a letter to warn him against whoever is trying to bury the truth about the Vanishing and is also responsible for the tragic expedition.

Inman sends Meltzer a copy of internal analysis from the Soviets about the Vanishing and the possible use of submarines to evacuate the missing persons out of Russia. This report also cross-references another one sent by Inman the year before, mentioning a "No-Go Zone" on which the military officer remains evasive.


Mark's room

Mark Meltzer's room.

Day One: May 22Edit

The office is a mess, with books and papers lying all around the floor and some drawers open. Emanating from the radio is an always low-static sound as if it was left on a blank frequency. From time to time voices and other sounds intrude from the static. The map from Phase One is on the wall behind a desk.

On the desk are two X-Rays of Meltzer. They show broken ribs and a broken leg, both are dated 04-25-1968 and made at St. Ignatius General Hospital, New York. On the filing cabinet is a bottle of cohydrone pills, thrice daily painkiller, prescribed by K. Kucharski, MD. A pair of crutches is lying next to the desk.

There is also a picture of Meltzer's wife, Amanda, and their daughter, lying on the floor; written on it is "Amanda and my little darling. Family photo, spring '67."

Day Two: May 23Edit

On the desk, there is a copy of a Mother's Day card from Meltzer to his wife that was never sent. The picture of Amanda and her daughter is now next to it. On the floor is a picture of Cindy on the beach getting ready to dig a sandcastle, written with "My daughter the architect, getting ready to build the castle!", dated 7-4-63.

A summons for divorce is found on the right side of the room, dated April 29, 1968, and delivered May 20, 1968. Amanda is asking for a divorce because Meltzer "through both deed and neglect did recklessly endanger the safety and well-being of his spouse and family."

Day Three: May 24Edit

Two pictures have appeared in the middle of the room next to the beach photo. The top one shows his daughter on a horse, a note written on the back says "Riding near grandma's my brave little girl… last picture". Dated 10-21-67. The one on the left shows his daughter and Amanda around a birthday cake, having a birthday party. The message scrawled on the back says "3rd bday. Growing faster than a bad weed!" Dated 8-25-64.

There is a message from Phil Isidore of the National UFO Society (NUFOS) on Meltzer's answering machine. He is wondering if everything is alright as he hasn’t heard from Mark for some time, and asks Mark to contact him. Meltzer replied to Phil in a letter, asking to only send postcards due to his leg injury. The letter is in the door's mail slot.

Day Four: May 26Edit

Three photos have appeared on the right-hand side of the room, the top one shows Mark's daughter as a baby. Written on the back is "Dec. '61 Amanda's smile - my hairline!" The picture on the left shows his daughter with her thumbs up in a room. The note on the back says "My little helper (hands off the books!) '65 spring." The picture on the right shows his daughter buried in the sand up to her neck. The back says "Peace at last! Labor Day - Montauk '65".

Finally there is a new message from Roscoe Inman on the answering machine requesting an update with information about Meltzer's "accident" and offering again his help for the investigation of Cindy's disappearance.

Day Five: May 27Edit

Three new documents appear on the wall. The first is a letter Meltzer wrote to Jeremiah Lynch, telling him to send all new information to his office's address in Montauk, since his house in Fairview is still boarded up. Lynch has apparently been sending him info related to Atlantis and Lemuria, though not being of any help, and Meltzer asks him instead to use his network for any useful intel. The second is a newspaper clipping detailing the kidnapping of Cindy Meltzer, dated 10-27-1967 and highlighting the fact that Meltzer has been investigating "UFOs." Finally, the third is a a sketch of his assailant and his daughter's kidnapper. He annotates the sketch on its appearance, and wonder why it let him live.

On the floor is a crumpled letter to Roscoe, never sent, dated the 23rd September of 1967 and giving further details of his daughter's kidnapping. Meltzer had been able to track down the kidnapper and guessed it would come to Montauk, since a recent incident let him to believe it failed to kidnap a girl in the area. Using his parents-in-law's vacation house as a base, Meltzer went out one night with photography equipment, hoping to catch the creature on film so the government would believe his investigation. Little did he know that the creature spotted him and followed him to the house the first night, then spotted his daughter the second night and took her. Meltzer blamed himself and asked Inman to pursue the investigation with whatever data he gathered.

On the right-hand side of the room is a document stating that Meltzer has had a complete psychiatric examination and has been discharged from Tollevue Hospital. It is dated June the 3rd, 1968.

Day Six: May 28Edit

Detective Benny Stango left a message on the answering machine, asking Meltzer about his accident and that he is still open for discussion. His tone is accusing and he considers Meltzer nuts.

Meltzer also wrote a letter to Inman, dated May 27, answering his call in explaining his accident. After being discharged from Tollevue, he went searching for the creature again and found the "red light" under the water near the Hudson River. He managed to catch it with a net, but it escaped by slicing through it and scratched Meltzer's neck, before snapping his ribs and breaking his leg. He says he was saved by a cab driver whose headlights scared her off. He also noticed that his wallet was missing.

Day Seven: May 29Edit

The office has been cleaned up; all the clippings and pictures have been re-attached to the map. Previous documents found in the office have been archived in the file cabinet (except for Mark's contact letter to Lynch), and a note lists all previously received phone messages.

A new message from Benny Stango is heard on the answering machine mentioning a "red light" seen around Meltzer's office during the night.

A mysterious box covered in symbols also appears. There is a puzzle on how to open it. There is also a letter by Mark on the bottom right of the telephone table saying : "She was here? how did she find me? Why no attack? What is this thing? Weapon? Improvised bomb? What do all these symbols mean?"

The solution and content of the box can be found at: Puzzle Boxes.


Day Eight: June 1Edit

Roscoe Inman leaves another message on Meltzer's answering machine to warn him about hoaxes concerning the break-in in his office and the box.

There is a mysterious glow behind the stack of books to the left of Meltzer's filing cabinet. Seems to be a window or some opening since the color of the light is the same as what is viewed outside of his door's windows. The aforementioned box is also somewhat close to the light, maybe within arm's reach even.

Day Nine: June 3Edit

Phil Isidore left a message on the answering machine after sending him a copy of Utropolis, a wrecked, futuristic underwater city.

An extract of Utropolis can be found on the table by the door, along with a letter from Phil explaining the story.

Day Ten: June 4Edit

There is a message from Mark’s wife, Amanda, asking him to let go of the false hope of finding their daughter.

Two new items lie on the floor of the central study: a letter from Jeremiah Lynch and a photograph of the megaliths in Carrowmore, Ireland (with some sort of drawings on them) sent by him as well.

Day Eleven: June 5Edit

Mark has managed to open the "Lunchbox" and left two related notes behind - one on the floor and one on the desk.

The note on the floor appears to be his attempt at cracking the code and his initial thoughts on the items inside it. The second note on the table seems to have been written sometime later.

Day Twelve: June 9Edit

There is a new message from Phil Isidore answering Mark's inquiry about the Vanishing.

The papers from Day Eleven have been tidied and placed on the typewriter. Mark's hat is left on the chair. To the right of the room is a camera and binoculars. His crutches are left against the bookshelf, and on top of that is an another recording device.

Day Thirteen: June 10Edit

There are two new papers on the table to the left: ripped pages from the June 1968 issue of the periodical The Monthly Undergrounder. Both pages belongs to an article called "the original drop-outs: The Secret History of the Vanishing," a world-wide myth previously mentioned by Phil Isidore. The pages contain an interview of Arthur Gene Tuggle, a researcher who spent years with his wife listing the names of individuals who went missing in the wake of World War II from 1946 to 1950 including radical artists, unconventional scientists, business innovators and ordinary people who subscribed to iconoclast notions of freedom and self-reliance. Tuggle details the many theories surrounding the Vanishing, from a movement of disgruntled people looking to form their utopia to a Soviet plot to eradicate a whole generation of brilliant minds. He also mentions two known researchers of the Vanishing myth: the French heiress Celeste Roget who believed the missing persons went to Shangri-La, and the eccentric scholar Orrin Oscar Lutwidge who consulted with other researchers before mysteriously vanishing himself, vowing to find "true rapture."

Day Fourteen: June 11Edit

There is a new message from Detective Stango who believes Meltzer knows where his daughter is, and asks him to talk about it.

There is now a sheet on the desk near the right wall. It appears to be Mark's thoughts on The Monthly Undergrounder articles. The sheet references some familiar names like J.S. Steinman, Yi Suchong, and Julie Langford. Meltzer marks a twenty year range between 1947 to 1967 as the time between the Vanishing the series of kidnappings, and wonders if there is a connection worth pursuing.

Day Fifteen: June 12Edit

There is a new message from Roscoe Inman telling Mark about an internal investigation at the Office of the Naval Intelligence, and that it may keep him from looking for information about the Vanishing.

Located on the floor to the right of the desk is a paper which talks about an NYC professor searching for J. S. Steinman since his disappearance in 1947.

Day Sixteen: June 14Edit

There is a German article posted on the wall, talking about a movement pressing the German government into reopening the case of the missing persons from 20 years ago.

On the other side of the map are a thank you letter to Jeremiah Lynch and three letters of support to Mark's investigation. These are letters written by the fans themselves and sent to Mark's P.O. Box.

Documents from May 29 to June 12 are now filed in the cabinet, and the phone messages list has been updated.

Day Seventeen: June 15Edit

On the wall, just to the left of the map, there is an article about mysterious disappearances at Turtle Beach in Cairns, Australia, 1947. Three people, Doc Miller, Kyburz, and May J. Carmody stood on the beach with their belongings, before a red light was seen beneath the surface heading towards them. They vanished without a trace.

In the typewriter is Mark's musings on looking for information in international newspapers, and seeing a little girl singing in the park. It reminds him of Cindy. The girl's father picks her up and caries her off, a situation eerily close to the Big Daddy-Little Sister relationship.

Day Eighteen: June 16Edit

Next to the typewriter is a torn piece of a Chinese newspaper from December 1946 reporting on a missing Yi Suchong. To the left is an article about Langford's disappearance, dated 1949. To the right is a newspaper article from the Times of Bombay. Many people are missing in the chaos of partition, including "top young thinkers."

Day Nineteen: June 17Edit

Ulrich Broder left a message on the answering machine to thank Meltzer for his interest on the missing persons case, and offers to share his extensive notes on the subject.

Day Twenty: June 22Edit

Next to the reel player is an audio tape reel containing an interview of Phil Isidore on The Mid-Nite Ryde radio show. He discusses old and recent kidnappings, and the possible connection between them. But he also links them to UFOs.

There is Mark's note on the floor comparing the Vanishing of people in the 40's/50's to the recent kidnappings. He also speaks his mind about Phil's theory on UFOs during the interview.

Finally, there is a confidential memorandum sent by Inman, which summarizes the U.S. government's official investigation on the Vanishing, counting around 500,000 missing persons between 1946 and 1952.

Day Twenty-One: June 23Edit

In the bottom right drawer is an article named Expédition au Shambhala, translated from the French for Mark by Pamela Poires. This paper talks about Celeste Roget's expedition to the Himalayas in 1957 to find her missing father, accompanied by other relatives of Vanished persons. Celeste was the sole survivor of the expedition.

Day Twenty-Two: June 24Edit

A newspaper clipping under the desk dated August 1957 talks about the U.S. Ambassador to France speaking out against Roget's expedition.

On the right side of the map under the picture of the light is a picture of the missing James Millard Oakes on a poster advertising for the James Millard Oakes League, a group dedicated to proving that the Vanishing was a Soviet plot to murder brilliant minds of the past generation.

Day Twenty-Three: June 25Edit

Roscoe Inman leaves a message on the answering machine about the James Millard Oakes League being wrong in their theories. He will soon send Mark a copy of an internal analysis from the Soviets about the Vanishing to prove that point.

Day Twenty-Four: June 26Edit

There is a formerly Classified document sent by Inman in front of the door. It speculates about reports of missing persons intercepted from the KGB, who believed it to be the work of the United States using submarines to help people escape Russia.

Celeste Roget has left a message after Mark tried to contact her by phone, telling him that she does not want to talk again about the Vanishing or her father. She wishes him luck with the search for his daughter, but asks him to not call again.

Day Twenty-Five: June 28Edit

The room has been cleaned up. All documents from June 14 to 26 have been moved to the archives and the phone messages list has been updated.

Celeste Roget sent Mark a letter stating that people are trying to bury the truth about the Vanishing, and were responsible for her friends' death in the Himalayas. She warns him to not get further involved, and that "they" are always listening to her and whatever she does.

Day Twenty-Six: June 29Edit

Mark typed a note after returning from a meeting of the James Millard Oakes League, where they spoke of the Vanishing and their nationalist theories about a Soviet plot. On his way back to the office, he was followed by someone unknown, whom after a brief pursuit, he managed to shake in the subway. His guesses are it being either an undercover cop or someone linked to the Big Sister. A billet to the meeting is attached to the note.

Next to the reel player is a tape Mark recorded during the meeting. It contains a speech by Clint Chessman on the topic of "The Deep Red Secret!" where Clint discusses that the cause of the Vanishing was the Soviet Union.

There are two new support letters next to the map.

Day Twenty-Seven: June 30Edit

Jeremiah Lynch left a message to complain about being left out of the investigation and to know its progress. He also tells Meltzer that he sent him a copy of The Frozen Triangle, a paperback which he thinks holds interesting information relevant to Mark's research.

Several objects have been moved in the Office. Some of the books have been stacked on the floor and on a chair with the goggles, and the crutches are now lying next to the coat rack, with Meltzer's camera hanged on the latter. The mysterious lunchbox was placed next to the shelves on the right, and Meltzer's hat is on the nightstand on the left, now lit. A fan has been placed on the carpet next to the door.


Day Twenty-Eight: July 1Edit

Meltzer received an old vinyl record of Rise, Rapture, Rise. The worn cover is laying next to the desk, and the record itself can be played on the player next to the radio equipment. The end of the song was replaced with a distorted female child voice asking: "Daddy? Where are you, daddy? Are you going to come and find me?"

Day Twenty-Nine: July 2Edit

Meltzer left a note of his investigation of the record next to its cover. While he doesn't know who sent it and why, he believes the voice belongs to his daughter. He also spent three hours on phone with record stores to identify the record, song and label, but without result. However, this new mention of "Rapture" on both the song and label, a word from Orrin Oscar Lutwidge, made him pursue the lost Vanishing researcher's trail. For that purpose, he brought two more pages from the June 1968 issue of The Monthly Undergrounder which he previously sought, leaving them on the desk.

Those new pages detail the life of Orrin Oscar Lutwidge, an inventor of difficult puzzle boxes who made a tidy sum developing innovative patents for manufacturing . Lutwidge also authored several books and articles for young readers, and allegedly consulted with the U.S. government on code-breaking during World War II. As for his search of the Vanishing, he consulted with other researchers, including Céleste Roget, Arthur Gene Tuggle and the James Millar Oak League, and provided hints and leads into their own theories. However, his correspondance between 1956 and 1958 became erratic, laced with poems, nonsense phrases and references to children's literature. He eventually disappeared by vowing in his last letter to find "true rapture."

Meltzer takes notice of this mysterious phrase and starts wondering if Lutwidge is the key to find "Rapture."

Day Thirty: July 3Edit

Meltzer has been trying for the last few days to join his wife Amanda on the phone to comfort her on his investigation of their daughter's disappearance, but she never answered. Instead her attorney, Charles Molley, left a recorded message regarding the status of the divorce (Meltzer did not answer his summons), and to ask him to stop trying to reach her directly. Mark was about to write a letter to Amanda, to apologize for his behavior and to ask her for her support in finding Cindy, but stopped mid-sentence. The letter can be found ripped and crumbled on the typewriter.

Day Thirty-One: July 7Edit

Meltzer received the book Lynch sent him a few days earlier. The red book, titled The Frozen Triangle, talks about the disappearances of ships during the last 20 years in a specific zone of the North Atlantic ocean, similarly to the myth of the Bermuda Triangle. The book was authored by Carleton Rede, the assumed bestselling author of tall stories such as Animal E.S.P. or Yeti the Abominable Quest.

Day Thirty-Two: July 8Edit

Lynch's letter sent with the book can be found on the desk. The Irishman says the book may contain useful hints for Meltzer's investigation, and believes that the myth of Atlantis is the skeleton key to explain all of mankind's unknown mysteries. This annoys Meltzer who annotated the letter, believes that kooks like Lynch or hacks like Carleton Rede discredit the reality in favor of their own passion or for profit, and contribute to hiding the true clues he is desperately looking for.

Meltzer also contacted Céleste Roget about Lutwidge, and her response can be found on the desk. She tells him in her telegram that Lutwidge was insane and that there is little to be gained in investigating him.

Finally, Meltzer found a newspaper article about a deadly fast-spreading fire in Broadway, Lower Manhattan, which occurred three months after Lutwidge's disappearance. The fire was started by an explosion at Lutwidge's workplace, a building he also owned. Meltzer plans to visit the building which remains abandoned, awaiting demolition. He also notes that the inventor went missing in September 1958 and wants to consult City Hall's records department on the matter.

Day Thirty-Three: July 9Edit

A bail notice, issued on the account of detective Benny Stango, can be found on Meltzer's desktop organizer. Meltzer was processed for trespassing Lutwidge's workplace (under New York Code Section 140.05), and was released on five hundred dollars bail.

Day Thirty-Four: July 10Edit

Meltzer wrote a page recounting his investigation at Lutwidge's burnt-out workplace, which had been pick-cleaned and occupied by squatters in years following the fire. He still found a leftover fire-proof box containing several reel-to-reel tapes damaged by the fire's heat, and decided to take one with him. As soon as he left the property, he was arrested by Stango and two other policemen. They searched and sent him to the police station where he spent three hours of Stango's questioning. The detective, who still believed Meltzer kidnapped his own daughter and is holding her captive somewhere, finally let him go after filling him for a criminal trespassing charge, of which Meltzer paid the bail. This also answered Meltzer's own interrogation on who was tailing him.

The tape Meltzer recovered is lying next to the record player. Tittled "For the Seeker," it contains a recording of Orrin Oscar Lutwidge, speaking in riddles and addressing directly to the listener who would have found the tape among the building's ruins. He hints to a bigger secret to be found, and that "Rapture" lies somewhere downward. He finally tells the listener to look deeper and find "the three-fold key with the seven-fold lock," and that the path ahead has many traps.

Day Thirty-Five: July 11Edit

A new page typed by Meltzer is now lying on the ground, and recalls his latest discovery. After listening to Lutwidge's recording, Meltzer returned to the building while avoiding Stango's men. Following the inventor's instructions, he discovered a hatchway hidden beneath the floorboards containing a metal box, either a vault or a puzzle of Lutwidge own concoction. What baffled Meltzer the most is that Lutwidge left behind a trail of clues in the hope that someone finally picks them up, even ten years past his disappearance.

The metal box can be found lying on the ground, next to the coat rack. One of its faces turn and reveal seven sliding buttons, all bearing the same coded letters from the mysterious lunchbox Meltzer received a month ago. Once moved to form the sequence REDQUEEN, the box reveals a loudpseaker from which Lutwidge's next recording plays. the inventor hints at a specific location to find "the decrepit corpse of the Red Queen," and gems hidden beyond a looking glass.

Day Thirty-Six: July 13Edit

Most things are moved to the lower filing cabinet and a new message is left on the answering machine by Celeste Roget. In her message, she warns Mark about Lutwidge's dangerous lies.

Three newspaper clippings to the right of the map point out names that are used to create and manage businesses are fake names. These names were filed in 1946 and Andrew Ryan's birth name is also mentioned. A reference to a company called "Warden Yarn" was included; an anagram for Andrew Ryan.

Mark has written a note about Lutwidge's tape recording.

A new message by Roscoe Inman appears on the machine. He suggests that Mark should not trust Celeste.

Day Thirty-Seven: July 15Edit

A book appears on the far right next to the lamp. It is called A Child's Garden of Cyphers and appears to have been written by Lutwidge under an alias. The book’s title has a border of symbols that are the same as the symbols on the two puzzle boxes in the room. When the symbols are deciphered small messages can be read.

Also, another message from Celeste Roget appears on the answering machine. She seems to be very angry at Meltzer.

Beside the chair, on the floor, is a letter written by Mark to Celeste.

Day Thirty-Eight: July 16Edit

A new letter appears next to the codebook that tells where Lutwidge's various shell companies were housed. Meltzer has added notes to the report explaining his suspicions about the Red Queen, the corpse mentioned by Lutwidge's box, Hudson River, and the fact that Lutwidge has more money than an ordinary man should have access to.

Also, a new message from Amanda appears on the machine:

Day Thirty-Nine: July 17Edit

A new letter is now lying on Meltzer's desk. It can be found on the far right, and is a compilation on the various information Meltzer has gathered on Lutwidge. Some interesting things in the letter include the fact that he was in touch with both Jeremiah Lynch and Celeste Roget, he wrote the code book Meltzer's daughter is apparently using, and that he was business partners with Andrew Ryan, as one can tell from the list of his business partners. The business partners listed are aliases for Andrew Ryan, thereby proving that he also opened several businesses.

Jeremiah Lynch has left another message on the machine.

Day Forty: July 20Edit

A new letter from Celeste Roget appears on Mark's nightstand, she wrote that she is sorry for the way she yelled at Mark. She also explained how Lutwidge deceived her and how he pretended to be Celeste's father. She has given Mark the "childish taunt" letter she got from Lutwidge, it can be found on the nightstand.

Day Forty-One: July 21Edit

Two new papers (a letter and a picture) may be found on the floor behind Meltzer's chair. One of them is a bill from the Scarlet Sovereign Company to the Warden Yarn company. The bill is for a large amount of steel objects used mainly for the construction of buildings. Meltzer has written a comment on it, stating it was "a LOT of steel for a yarn company". One might get the idea that the steel was being used for something other than yarn production, like maybe an underwater city. The picture shows a building which Meltzer believes is the "Red Queen".

Day Forty-Two: July 22Edit

There is a new letter written by Mark underneath the right nightstand. Mark said that he went to the yarn warehouse and discovered a restroom with the door painted red. He opened the restroom door and discovered a large mirror. He broke the mirror and discovered a map, a reel-to-reel tape, and a mysterious object (not yet shown on the website) behind it. But, when he was leaving, Dock patrolmen spotted him. He decided to pretend he was a scavenger and the cops let him go. Mark believes that Detective Stango thinks Mark killed his own daughter.

There is a new almost-blank map on the right side of the huge map. On the very top of the map is an upside down red triangle with lines coming out of the tip.

There is a new reel-to-reel by Lutwidge next to the previous burned reel.

Detective Benny Stango left a message on the answering machine about the Battery Park break in.

Day Forty-Three: July 23Edit

A new puzzle resembling a jewelry box has appeared in between the three papers on the far right of Meltzer's desk. After solving this puzzle a recording of Orrin Lutwidge plays.

After this recording ends, the puzzle box opens, giving way to yet another puzzle which resembles a piano with three rows of keys labeled with dates and lat/long information.

Day Forty-Four: July 27Edit

Several major changes have occurred. There are now four more fan written letters on the wall of the study that all cite specific examples of their relatives "vanishing" or their daughters kidnapped. "The Frozen Triangle" book is now on the desk, open to pages 12 and 13.

Day Forty-Five: July 28Edit

There is a new message from Jeremiah Lynch mentioning Lutwidge's fascination with Lewis Caroll.

The Hunting of the Snark (An Agony in 8 Fits) by Lewis Carroll is open on the table furthest to the right. It is opened near the beginning of The Bellman's Speech:

He had bought a large map representing the sea, Without the least vestige of land: And the crew were much pleased when they found it to be A map they could all understand.
What's the good of Mercator's North Poles and Equators, Tropics, Zones, and Meridian Lines? So the Bellman would cry: and the crew would reply They are merely conventional signs!
Other maps are such shapes, with their islands and capes! But we've got our brave Captain to thank: (So the crew would protest) that he's bought us the best - A perfect and absolute blank!

Mark believes that the origin of the Bellman's Chart comes from this poem. He has also written: "The 8th fit "The Vanishing!" "The Vanishing" is also the title of the last portion of Lewis Carroll's poem, "The Hunting of the Snark." In that portion of the poem, the Baker vanishes upon finding the snark because it was a boojum.

Day Forty-Six: July 29Edit

There is a new message from Roscoe Inman about tracking ocean currents.

Day Forty-Seven: July 30Edit

To the right of the map is a piece of paper with times on different locations, as shown below. At the top is the date August 8, which is a possible reference to the date in the Jewelry Box Puzzle.

Day Forty-Eight: July 31Edit

The Bellman's Chart has been updated to include a map of the world.


Day Forty-Nine: August 3Edit

The lamp next to the door is turned off, and Meltzer's hat is on his chair.

Meltzer has made a list about the things he has deduced so far from the clues he has.

Posted on the wall to the upper left of the world map is a letter sent to Phil Isidore with a list of beach coordinates and a request for him or any of his contacts to check them out for anything out of the ordinary.

There is an answering machine message from Phil Isidore in response to the letter. It mentions Phil is attending the "Giant Boulder Saucer Convention" and interviewing Lex Harlan.

Day Fifty: August 4Edit

There is a new message from Celeste promising to visit the French beach location.

Day Fifty-One: August 5Edit

Meltzer has the book The Frozen Triangle open to page 62, discussing the plausibility of islands rising suddenly out of the sea; and to page 63, starting chapter 7 ("Leviathan") about the doomed voyage of the Ice Beagle.

Day Fifty-Two: August 6Edit

Mark has a new message from Ulrich Broder promising to visit one of the August 8th beaches.

An article by Broder about Brigid Tenenbaum is located on the desk.

Day Fifty-Three: August 7Edit

The "Aug 8" page from a calendar is stuck to the wall. Mark has written "Tomorrow is the day! Jones Beach, here I come. Hoping my contacts hit the other nine beaches…got a feeling this is BIG."

Day Fifty-Four: August 8Edit

On the morning August 8th, 2009, dozens of bottles of Arcadia Merlot appeared on the ten different beaches that were mentioned in the previous updates, at the designated times. Each bottle contained rolled up posters: Two posters promoting Plasmids ("Decoy" and Electro Bolt), and one poster that seemed like an invitation to Rapture itself.

Day Fifty-Five: August 10Edit

A bottle of Arcadia Merlot is on the filing cabinet. To the right are the posters inside.

There is also a letter from Flann McDonagh, Bill McDonagh's nephew, in The Monthly Undergrounder.

Day Fifty-Six: August 11Edit

There is a file on the floor, to the left of the desk marked 'Found scattered on the floor at Scarlet Sovereign Warehouse' and 'sort and file'.

Also to the left of the desk on the floor is a paper written by Mark summarizing his thoughts so far on Lutwidge and how he relates to Rapture. In it he ponders several things he has learned or found out: things such as the location of Worley Winery and how Lutwidge relates to Andrew Ryan and how both men relate to Rapture.

On the desk, right next to the record player is a letter written by Lutwidge, apparently before his obsession with Ryan and his pursuit of 'true rapture'. In it, he details how his company, Warden Yarn, had purchased an unspecified, but probably large amount of steel and other construction supplies upfront, as part of a contract to a company supposedly owned by Andrew Ryan, for a project in the North Atlantic. Lutwidge expresses his disgust with the fact that Ryan's company had not fulfilled its terms of the contract as of 1952, by which time Ryan was under the ocean. Lutwidge expresses that he would pursue some sort of restitution.

Day Fifty-Seven: August 12Edit

Celeste Roget left a message on the answering machine suggesting that the bottles on the beach from August 8 were planted.

Mark has written a note about what he found at the beach on August 8 and his theories about Rapture.

Day Fifty-Eight: August 13Edit

Mark has written a note expressing his frustration at being unable to advance further in his investigation. He is having trouble opening the next level of the Metal Box puzzle.

Day Fifty-Nine: August 17Edit

There is a new message on the answering machine from Jeremiah Lynch, in which he sings the song "What shall we do with the drunken sailor".

In addition, sheet music has appeared by the door for the song "What shall we do with the drunken sailor?" This is the song from Jeremiah's message, and it contains the answer to the Piano Box Puzzle.

The solution to the Piano Box Puzzle/Coordinate Piano can be found at the Puzzle Boxes.

The piano box will now close, and a puzzle will appear. The new puzzle is a 4 x 4 grid with symbols. A translation of the different cipher symbols can be found here: A Child's Garden of Cyphers

The solution(s) to the 4x4 can be found at the Puzzle Boxes.

After inputting the correct keys for the 4x4 puzzle a message will play, and a new 5x5 grid opens.

Day Sixty: August 18Edit

There is a document from ONI (Inman) on the table to the left. It contains information regarding "aquatic creatures."

Day Sixty-One: August 19Edit

Mark has a new book titled Unusual Crustaceans of the North Atlantic. Volume 2. L - R. This is in reference to the answer from the 4x4 puzzle.

There is also a paper on the floor containing new notes from Mark. One relevant note quotes Lutwidge’s riddle as saying "Now if you learn my name, you know how deep to sink; seek where Rapture lies, I wait upon its brink." Mark then has written a note next to this in which he states, "Does this mean what I think it means?" Again, this references the Phronima amphipod living near the bottom of the sea, and this is telling Mark "how deep" he must sink.

Day Sixty-Two: August 20Edit

There is a new message on the answering machine from Roscoe Inman.

There is also a note written by Mark to Celeste, located on the left hand of the room, on the table. Mark is hesitant to go looking for Rapture at the bottom of the sea because of Celeste's bad experience. Also, he mentions that Celeste is talking about Lutwidge as if she believes he is still alive. Mark then asks Celeste if she knew whether Lutwidge was ever seen again after he set off in 1958 to find Rapture.

Day Sixty-Three: August 21Edit

There is now a tape of an interview with Lex Harlan at the Giant Boulder Saucer Convention, labeled part one.

Phil Isidore has also left a message on the answering machine. He is miffed that Meltzer has not read the Utropolis story that he sent, and he mentions the Lex Harlan interviews.

Day Sixty-Four: August 24Edit

There is letter written by Lutwidge to Andrew Ryan on the floor, dated 22 June 1954. He threatens to reveal Rapture unless he is given the location, as he feels he is worthy and one of the "best and brightest." The letter also reveals that he purposely sent false clues to Celeste and the US Government to lead them away from Rapture. On the side table there is a pink birthday card and a cupcake. On the birthday card Mark has wished Cindy a happy birthday and promises to find her. It is apparently Cindy's birthday tomorrow.

Also, there is a new phone message from Celeste. She seems confused by Mark's suggestion that she thinks Lutwidge is alive and she promises to think of Mark and Cindy tomorrow.

Day Sixty-Five: August 25Edit

It is August 25, 1968 - Cindy's Birthday. Mark has left a cupcake and a message on a card "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CINDY……I promise I will find you, Daddy."

Day Sixty-Six: August 26Edit

Phil Isidore has sent Mark a box from the National U.F.O. Society containing part 3 of Phil's interview with Lex Harlan. The interview is all about R. Killian Quain.

On the floor there is a "readers' letters" page from Visionary Wonder Stories with mixed reviews on Quain's story. It seems like most people think it's great.

Day Sixty-Seven: August 28Edit

Part 5 of the interview with Harlan has appeared.

Next to it is an article written by Lex Harlan about his first encounter with Quain.

Day Sixty-Eight: August 31Edit

There's a new letter to the right of the music box; to Mark from Celeste Roget. It explains that she lied to him about the fact that Lutwidge is alive and that she had an encounter with him. She says that he has since been moved into an asylum and asks that Mark stop following him,


Day Sixty-Nine: September 1Edit

A lot of things from around the room have been moved into the Archive Cabinet.

A new, small piece of paper is in front of the typewriter. Ripped out from 'The Vest-Pocket Norwegian/English Dictionary' it shows how the word RØD means Red. 'Rød' is the 'R.' in 'R. Killian Quain'. Matching this with 'quain', a variant of 'queen' gives 'red queen', a possible clue to Quain = Lutwidge.

There is also a new message on the machine from Lex Harlan telling Mark to stop calling him and saying that Quain is in Tollevue.

Day Seventy: September 2Edit

A new piece on paper is on the floor by the door. It’s full of scribbling and random thoughts from Mark, about how he’s been running ‘The Red Queens Race’ all along and that it has almost come full circle.

There’s also a new message on the machine from Dr. Howard Lyman refusing to divulge information to Mark about any of his patients. He suggests that Mark visit him.

Day Seventy-One: September 3Edit

There’s a letter in the typewriter from Mark to Benjamin "Benny" Stango. He asks for help, thinking that maybe he’s losing it and asks that Benny stop him if something should happen. The letter is unfinished.

There’s also a new message from Stango on the answering machine. He sounds concerned about Mark and says he is on his way.


Mark's room has been completely trashed. The door appears to have been forced open and various papers and books are scattered across the room in what appears to have been a struggle. The coat rack, chair, and small table by the door have been knocked over and the lamp that was on the small table is lying on the floor with Mark's coat and hat. The phone is lying on the floor with the receiver off the hook.

Day Seventy-Two: September 8Edit

On the desk is a prescription bottle of Benzodiazum pills. Instructions state two tablets should be taken, twice per day, to relieve acute anxiety. There is also a paper containing a psychiatric examination of Mark Meltzer, next to the pill bottle.

A new puzzle is sitting by the record player on the right side of the study. The puzzle is essentially a cryptex plus a tile game covered in colored lines, which should be rotated to line up accordingly.

Inside the new puzzle is a Blue Notebook from Quain/Lutwidge. The cover and first page are all that can be viewed at this time.

Also, there is a message from Phil Isidore.

Day Seventy-Three: September 9Edit

There's a new letter on the desk from Mark to Phil, apologizing for his recent actions and telling about his success at Tollevue. To summarize, he faked a mental breakdown in order to gain access to Quain where, presumably he obtained the "Rubix Tube" Puzzle.

Also, many of the items from around the room have now been moved to the archive.

Day Seventy-Four: September 10Edit

The room has finally been cleaned up, although several of the room’s objects have changed location.

There is a new message from Benny Stango, who seems angry that Mark took advantage of his sympathies.

There is also a note on the floor in front of the Archive cabinet. It's the first page telling the story of Mark's time in Tollevue.

Day Seventy-Five: September 11Edit

The second part documenting Mark's meeting with Quain is left on the floor.

Day Seventy-Six: September 14Edit

There is a new message from Dr. Lyman on the answering machine mentioning documents that went missing from his office while Mark was in Tollevue.

Part three of Mark's account at Tollevue is left on the floor.

Day Seventy-Seven: September 15Edit

There is a box to the right of the fan, and a medical record about Quain near the typewriter. It is likely that these are the stolen items that Dr. Lyman rang about.

Day Seventy-Eight: September 16Edit

There's a new message on the machine from Lynch, skeptical that Lutwidge is alive.

There’s also a new document on Quain from the Tollevue Hospital next to the box on the floor.

Day Seventy-Nine: September 17Edit

The notebook from inside the Rubix Tube has been placed to the right of the typewriter.

The second and third pages of the notebook can now be viewed.

There is also a new audio to the right of the package. It is a recording of Lutwidge/Quain's sixth session with Dr. Lyman in Tollevue Mental Hospital.

Day Eighty: September 18Edit

The fourth and fifth pages of the blue notebook can now be viewed.

Day Eighty-One: September 21Edit

The sixth and seventh pages of the Blue Notebook can now be viewed.

Day Eighty-Two: September 22Edit

The eighth and ninth pages of the Blue Notebook can now be viewed.

There is also a new recording, next to the Box and the Fan. It is a recording of Lutwidge/Quain's 21st session with Dr. Lyman.

Day Eighty-Three: September 23Edit

Pages ten, eleven and twelve of the Blue Notebook can now be viewed.

Many of the items about the room have been moved into the Archive, and there’s a new message from Celeste on the machine. She says that she has told her private investigators to contact Meltzer.

Day Eighty-Four: September 24Edit

Mark has a folder from Auger Detection, the agency hired by Roget to track Lutwidge. The folder contains two parts of a detective's report. Next, on Mark's desk is a photo of Lutwidge himself, notably his face seems spliced, yet to a lesser degree. It is more than likely Lutwidge has to some degree, an addiction to ADAM.

Day Eighty-Five: September 25Edit

Dash H. Carmady, Celeste’s hired detective, leaves a message offering information to Mark.

Day Eighty-Six: September 28Edit

A new message from Celeste is left on the answering machine. She mentions strange, harassing phone calls that she has been receiving.

Day Eighty-Seven: September 29Edit

A new message from Celeste is on the answering machine. She sounds frantic about a threatening letter which she received.

A strange letter to Mark has appeared on the table beside the window. The letters in this message appear to be cut from magazines. It warns Mark not to continue with his investigation. An envelope with similar cut letters is beside the letter on the table.

Day Eighty-Eight: September 30Edit

A new message from Dash H. Carmady is left on the answering machine. He refuses to help Mark anymore now that Celeste is not requiring him to.

There is also a new document from Auger Detection on the floor listing Lutwidge's properties.


Day Eighty-Nine: October 1Edit

A new message written by Mark can be found next to the Lutwidge files on the floor. The letter explains that Mark discovered where Lutwidge's lab was and went down there. He broke into the lab and discovered devices, bottles, and articles (possibly from Rapture). He also found a box, with the Scarlet Sovereign logo, full of masks that Splicers wear.

The box filled with Splicer masks can be found in front of the desk. Notably, the masks seem to include a White Rabbit mask, a Peacock mask, a Black Crow mask (like the one in the lunchbox), a Devil mask (like the one worn by the Mad Hatter in Lutwidge's notebook), and a Welder's mask (similar to what Peach Wilkins wore).

Day Ninety: October 2Edit

On October 2, some fans who had written in to Mark Meltzer's address received in-person hand delivered telegrams from Speedy Brothers Telegrams.

A letter from Mark regarding the fan letters is next to the picture of Lutwidge:

Day Ninety-One: October 3Edit

A new message from Roscoe Inman is left on the answering machine. He requests any information that Mark may have in relation to the Frozen Triangle.

There's also another new letter which came with an attached note. It's above the file cabinet. It is from a man whose wife, "Catherine," left during the period of The Vanishing. The attached note is a goodbye letter from Catherine saying that she is leaving with "Evelyn" "in search of True Rapture." The letter is dated "7-28-68," making it probable that Mark received this letter some time ago but is reviewing it now in relation to the "Quain Manuscript". The note also contains several words in all CAPS that sequentially form "SOMETHING IN THE SEA", as well as the first letters of each paragraph spelling out "ANDREW RYAN".

Day Ninety-Two: October 4Edit

On October 4, fans who had received the telegrams from Speedy Brothers Telegrams began to receive packages containing a Splicer mask and a letter from Mark.

The letter is the same one which appeared next to the picture of Lutwidge on day eighty-six.

Day Ninety-Three: October 5Edit

A new message from Det. Benny Stango is left on the answering machine. He taunts Mark about the threatening letter.

There's also a box containing things from Lutwidge's lab, two papers from the Scarlet Sovereign Import-Export Inc. (from the O.C Lutwidge, Pres.) riddled with notes from Lutwidge lay next to it. Probably taken out of the box.

Day Ninety-Four: October 6Edit

Three more pages have been removed from the box. One is a newspaper article (with notes) about the airplane crash in 1960. The other two pages are from the Utopian Metropolis, which detail Lutwidge's descent into Rapture.

Day Ninety-Five: October 7Edit

Two more pages from the Utopian Metropolis have been removed from the box.

Day Ninety-Six: October 8Edit

There are two new items on Mark's desk.

One, near his bottle of pills, is the U.S. Navy identification card of James Millard Oakes.

The other, at the opposite end of the desk, is an Accu-Vox tape recorder with an Audio Diary by someone who is presumably Oakes himself.

Day Ninety-Seven: October 12Edit

A new message from Northern TelCo is left on the answering machine:

This shows that the search for Meltzer's daughter has been very financially pressing, as suggested by the bounced check.

Day Ninety-Eight: October 13Edit

There is evidence that someone other than Mark has been in the room. All of Mark's drawers have been opened, things such as the binoculars and the headphones have been moved to different places, and someone tried to open the "Rubix Tube" puzzle but didn't succeed.

The only clue which was left is a 35mm, which Mark thinks could be a government issued film container, suggesting that the intruder took pictures of Marks findings. It's near his lamp.

Mark's written that he knows that someone has been inside but he's not sure who. Possible suspects include Stango, Inman, Carmady, O.G.A (other government agency), and the Red Pawn. Note, Mark has crossed off Stango and Carmady from the list already. He also believes that the Red Pawn may be the same person who sent the cut and pasted letter. Once again, Mark believes someone is following him…

Day Ninety-Nine: October 14Edit

Mark has left a new note, it's on the desk near his hat. In it, Mark tries to figure out who the Red Pawn is. He believes the person could be a forger, related to the Knight, and a correspondent of Lutwidge. By mixing the letters of Killian and adding the N and M, Mark guesses he could be Roscoe Inman.

There is a new letter on Mark's desk, it's from Orrin Oscar Lutwidge to the Red Pawn, dated June 17, 1958. In it, Lutwidge expresses his appreciation for the Pawn's help with the manipulation of Celeste but requests that he stop harassing her.

Day One-Hundred: October 15Edit

A new message from Dash Carmady is left on the answering machine. He says that Celeste is still missing and seems willing to collaborate with Mark in searching for the identity of the Red Pawn.

Day One-Hundred-One: October 16Edit

A new message from Det. Benny Stango is left on the answering machine. He is skeptical about the information that Dash Carmady has turned up and increasingly hostile towards Mark, referring to him as a "psycho." A small note placed in front of the Metal Box. It is from Dash Carmady.

The entire intel on Jeremiah Lynch is located by the record player. It amounts to a record of criminal activity.

Day One-Hundred-Two: October 19Edit

A new message from Charles Molley can be accessed from the memo pad on the side of the filing cabinet. There is a page from a calendar on the wall, it reads "October 21" and underneath the date Mark has written "The day she vanished…"

In the typewriter is Mark's letter to Phil. With the discovery of Lynch's criminal past, Mark's been frustrated. He's questioning if all that has happened is real and not forged. It's making him doubt the existence of (True) Rapture (which is noted in one of the new fan letters).

Most pages and letters have been moved into the filing cabinet, although the note detailing the discovery of Lutwidge's lab is on the floor whilst being in the cabinet too.

Day One-Hundred-Three: October 20Edit

In the typewriter is Mark's letter to Phil. With the discovery of Lynch's criminal past, Mark's been frustrated. He's questioning if all that has happened is real and not forged. It's making him doubt the existence of (True) Rapture (which is noted in one of the new fan letters).

You can also observe that the can of anxiety pills has been depleted, shows that Meltzer is taking them and is still suffering from the loss of his beloved daughter.

Day One-Hundred-Four: October 21Edit

A new message from Phil Isidore, he still seems to be struck by all that has happened. Phil tells Mark to not give up on the little girls, and mentions Esther George, a mother from Atlantic City. Also, a personal note from Mark himself detailing that he went to the same beach his daughter vanished from.

Day One-Hundred-Five: October 22Edit

Sand city

The photo of the sandcastle.

Mark has written a memo. He was walking on the beach at the early hours of the morning when he saw a sandcastle in the shape of a city. It is like the city that rose up from the sand behind the Big Sister in the Sea of Dreams trailer. He thinks it is a message from Cindy with help from the Traveler (Big Sister).

A picture of the city is on the desk next to the typewriter. It decrypts into:

"Whas taking so long
Daddy come find me"

Day One-Hundred-Six: October 23Edit

Det. Benny Stango left a new message on the answering machine.

He says that he saw the Big Sister and shot at her. The matter is now closed as far as he's concerned.

Day One-Hundred-Seven: October 26Edit

There's a new message from Jeremiah Lynch. He's talking about how Mark spoiled all "their" fun by going to the detectives.

There is a letter on the floor by the filing cabinet from Dash Carmady of Auger detection. He mentions contacting a detective agency and local law enforcement in Ireland in an attempt to keep tabs on Lynch. Lynch has apparently gone into hiding. Carmady asks Mark to tell him as soon as Lynch contacts him again.

Day One-Hundred-Eight: October 27Edit

There is a new message from Roscoe Inman on the answering machine.

There is a letter on the floor from Mark to Phil. Mark wants to find the "Knight's journey" and get inside the 5x5 puzzle box. Mark wanted to make a return trip to Lutwidge's lab in Park Avenue, but was prevented from doing so by men in suits guarding the door, presumably from the same government agency investigating Inman. Mark states that he "Cut Inman off a while ago" and feels that Dash Carmady has no patience for him. Apparently Phil is the only one left that he can trust now.

Day One-Hundred-Nine: October 28Edit

There is a letter from Phil Isidore.

Phil talks about Mark's earlier letter and the recent events.

Day One-Hundred-Ten: October 29Edit

There are some new notes from Mark, one near the box containing the masks. It says that Mark found a plan for the Metal Box, but that he can't go back to Lutwidge's lab to get more due to the black suits.

The other is near the Jewelry Box. It talks about the puzzle and its solution.


Gone fishin darkness

The view if the "Coordinate Piano" has been solved.

Box on desk

The view if the "Coordinate Piano" has not been solved.

Day One-Hundred-Eleven: November 2Edit

By the filing cabinet, there is a picture of the tiles covered in cypher letters from Lutwidge's hideout, taken by Dash H. Carmady. A letter from Carmady is on the floor next to the picture. He thinks the picture is a clue to the Puzzle Boxes. A letter from the ONI is on the table near the hat, detailing disciplinary action against Roscoe Inman for using government resources for personal investigations. The ONI are the "suits" guarding the entry to Lutwidge's hideout, apparently unknown to Inman himself.

Day One-Hundred-Twelve: November 4Edit

Mark sent a new letter to Phil. He's had a major breakthrough with the puzzle. Also, he's left to visit Phil and his maritime contacts.

Late in the day many documents were moved to the archives and the lights turned down. The box of Splicer masks has been moved under the table near the puzzles. The radio is also noticeable by its absence. Many things are now missing, including the typewriter, binoculars, radio, pill bottle, Mark's hat and coat, and the Bellman's Chart.

Depending on whether or not the viewer has solved the "Coordinate Piano" of the Jewelry Box puzzle, the site will appear in different ways:

Scenario 1 - The metal box is gone. This scenario appears to hinge on the solving of the jewelry box puzzle earlier in the game which in turn causes the first level of the metal box puzzle to disappear, whether solved or not.

Scenario 2 - The metal box remains on the table in a paper bag and opens to the first level puzzle. This occurs on a computer on which the jewelry box puzzle was never solved, resulting in the metal box continuing to open to the first level puzzle even after level one was successfully solved. Solving the jewelry box puzzle after Mark has left will revert the page to Scenario 1.

The single note that Mark has left on his desk is clickable, and clicking it transports you to Phase Three.

Day One-Hundred-Thirteen: November 6Edit

There is a new message from Charles Molley on the answering machine.

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