Grimes diary picture Title They Feel Pain
Speaker Edward Grimes
Level Inner Persephone
They Feel Pain
AD gNr117-lNr05 Edward Grimes - They Feel Pain f0248
Transcript: Now, one of the girls managed to dart past the nurse today and throw herself over the railing in the lobby. Not certain if she was trying to end her own life or... or merely escape. But either way, her legs had healed by the time I managed to get down to the first floor where she lay. Now, without proper setting, the rapid healing process had fused her bones back together at odd angles. We had to re-break and set them almost a dozen times each due to the small window of viability. Now, those children may be immortal, but I can verify, they feel pain. Advising Doctor Lamb on higher doses of sedatives to keep this from happening again.

Location: In the room with the X-ray negatives in the Surgery area of the Infirmary wing.

AD gNr117-lNr05 Edward Grimes - They Feel Pain f0249

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