Ryan has no room for differences of opinion in his precious Rapture. I hope the whole place comes crashing down around his ears.
― Thomas[src]

Thomas was a citizen of Rapture and a convict residing in Persephone. Thomas was charged with speaking against Andrew Ryan and his policies, and as a result, was sentenced to the Persephone, where he completely lost hope.[1] His corpse can be found lying on a table in the cafeteria of the Holding Wing next to his audio diary and a large variety of alcohol.

Audio DiariesEdit

BioShock 2Edit

Behind the ScenesEdit

Thomas Inspiration

A mugshot of David Greenglass.

  • The name "Thomas" is a reference to Jordan Thomas, creative director of 2K Marin during the making of BioShock 2.[2]
  • Thomas appearance was inspired by the mugshot of David Greenglass, who was convicted for espionage by the FBI.[3]
  • Thomas corpse uses a "Toasty" Splicer model with a prison uniform.


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