Tobias Riefers
It's my job to think up a new key code to keep 'em out. Seems like every other day now… Nuts… I'll mull it over for a while at the Fishbowl Diner.
― Tobias Riefers[src]

Tobias Riefers was a citizen of Rapture and a handyman at Fontaine Clinics in the Town Square district of Pauper's Drop. It was his job to think up new codes for the clinic's entrance periodically to prevent desperate customers from breaking in to steal drugs or Gene Tonics.[1] His body can be found next to a newspaper with the access code scribbled on it in the Fishbowl Diner. An EVE Hypo and a Shotgun are found beside him.

Audio DiariesEdit

BioShock 2Edit

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Tobias, and the code he recorded, are references to the protagonist of the video game Hitman, named "Tobias Riepers," whose alias is "Agent 47".[2]
  • His character uses a Toasty Splicer model.
  • According to a removed audio diary, he came up with the code for the door by reading an old newspaper and picking the first numbers that came up. The number that was chosen was the death toll for the bombing of the Kashmir Restaurant: forty-seven.[3]


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