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Topaz Brand Apples Fruit Crate Label

The Topaz Brand logo (unused, see Behind the Scenes).

WoodBarrier destroyed diffuse

Topaz Brand seen on the second to bottom board on the barricade.

Topaz Brand is a produce company in Rapture, which mainly sold fruit, specifically apples. After civil war broke out in the city, the brand's fruit crates were taken apart and the boards repurposed for boarding up doors, among boards from other businesses like Fontaine Packaging Corporation. The barricades can be found in Fontaine's Home for the Poor of Hestia Chambers in Apollo Square during BioShock , and in the multiplayer version of said location in BioShock 2 Multiplayer. The barricade is also present on a Securis door in the tunnel between The Sinclair Deluxe and Skid Row in Pauper's Drop during BioShock 2, before being removed by Splicers as the story progresses.

Behind the Scenes[]

Pre-Release Arcadia Baby Jane Security Bot Fight

The pre-lanch Arcadia screenshot.

  • The full advertisement seen above is an unaltered real-world fruit crate label for Topaz Brand. The ad appeared in an early version of BioShock as a poster, as evident by a pre-launch screenshot of Arcadia, but the full image is not seen in the final version of the game. The only presence the brand has is in the form of the partly destroyed logo on the barricades.