Ulrike Moeller is the seven-year-old daughter of Werner and Hannah Moeller and was the third known girl to disappear, be taken to Rapture, and become a Little Sister under the orders of Sofia Lamb. She is of German nationality.

There's Something in the SeaEdit

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Ulrike was kidnapped on March 22, 1967 by a Big Sister in the town of Waygaard, Germany. At approximately 11:15 that night, a Big Sister broke into the Moeller residence, quickly kidnapped the girl, and escaped by breaking a window. Werner and Hannah woke up to the screams of their daughter, but when they got to the room, they only managed to get a brief look at the intruder. They described the kidnapper as unusually thin, about two meters tall, having a "red flashlight," and perhaps having worn a helmet or hat. The Big Sister was seen carrying Ulrike over a dike and heading towards the North Sea, making the police believe that the kidnapper might be traveling in a boat.

Mark Meltzer noticed the pattern with the recent kidnapping of young girls and made several notes about the similarities of the kidnappings.



  ST. CLOUD, FRANCE 22 March 1967: INTERPOL officials, in cooperation with West
German civil authorities, request the public's help in locating a missing child
and apprehending her captor.

An apparent kidnapping occurred the night of 22 March 1967 in the town of
Waygaard, located in the S dtondern District. At approximately 11:15 PM, an
unknown intruder invaded the home of Werner and Hannah Moeller. awakened by a
shriek from their daughter, Ulrike, age 7, they raced to the front room only to
see the assailant escaping while carrying their daughter. Escape was effected
through the use of a sharpened tool wielded with extreme force, shattering
reinforced windows and wooden beams 15 cm wide.

Little is known about the kidnapper except that the individual may be unusually thin,
over two meters in height, and should be considered armed and dangerous. The assailant
was seen to carry a red flashlight, possibly mounted on a hat or helmet.

Wake up!! It's all connected.

The assailant was seen carrying the victim across a dike, headed westward to the
North Sea. It is suspected that the kidnapper or kidnappers are traveling in a
small boat and will be forced to make frequent stops for food and supplies.

Hmm… What does it mean? Note Resemblance.

Please refer to the photographs of Urike Moeller, above. If you have any information
regarding her current whereabouts, please contact your local police or the INTERPOL
General Secretatriat. Members of the public are advised not to take action themselves.

Not just age.
Victims all look similar.