Kinetoscope Uncanny Mystery in Columbia

"Uncanny Mystery in Columbia..."
Level: Comstock Center Rooftops

[a woman in the background stares bewildered at a hazy disruption in the air]
Columbia marvels and fears at unfamilar sights...
[a woman in the foreground covers her face at the unnatural phenomenon]
What is it?!
[the shimmering haze appears on the pediment of a building]
What are these astonishments which appear and disappear?
[Rosalind Lutece stands against a locked gate separating a clamoring crowd]
Columbia's greatest mind
isn't saying...

Location: Entrance of the Monument Island Gateway.

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BioShock Infinite Uncanny mystery in columbia

BioShock Infinite Uncanny mystery in columbia

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • This Kinetoscope focuses on the Tears that have appeared as a result of Elizabeth's powers.
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