The following are all unused radio messages from the Fontaine Futuristics level of BioShock 2. They are listed depending on which version of the game they were removed from.


Older VersionEdit


01. Augustus Sinclair - Find the MiddlemanEdit

Now the good Doctor Lamb's as wily as they come — she's hidin' out somewhere underneath all this. Word is, she left some kinda... middleman in charge o' keepin' out the riff-raff. To get to Lamb, you need to find out who.


01. Augustus Sinclair - Lamb's LieutenantEdit

Now, Lamb's lieutenant likely has a security key of his own. I expect he's in these old laboratories. As I understand it, son... this is where they made you.


01. Brigid Tenenbaum - Seek Gil AlexanderEdit

Dr. Gil Alexander was the last man alive at Fontaine. We must seek him out.


01. Augustus Sinclair - Gil the MiddlemanEdit

Gilbert Alexander... I remember him. Guess he's our middle-man. See if you can find his next message at this checkpoint he's talkin' about.


01. Brigid Tenenbaum - My Assistant GilEdit

Alexander? I knew this man... a talented builder of machines, who assisted me with implantation of the Little Ones. He is Lamb's middle-man? We must look for his next message at this security checkpoint.


01. Brigid Tenenbaum - Fontaine FuturisticsEdit

This is where the story of ADAM began — und perhaps, at last... where it must end. Plasmids, the Little Ones, Big Daddies, like you... all were born here. I worked in this place long ago. I... I did not know the daughter of Lamb was the first of our Little Ones. To me, the girl was just... specimen. We must take back Rapture from Lamb — before it is too late.


01. Alex the Great - NamesakeEdit

Alexander the Great was the original tycoon, Delta! He unified Greece in under two years! I shall do the same... first Rapture, and then the very globe! One mighty corporate nation, laboring to split the common stock!


01. Alex the Great - ParasitesEdit

The price of greatness is a dear one, Delta! These pro-labor parasites clamor for a free ride, but they lack the will to drive...


01. Alex the Great - Are You a Hacker?Edit

So you are a hacker? A man after my own heart! I'll let you have this one, just don't do it again, okay?

02. Alex the Great - ImpressiveEdit

I'm very impressed. However, I warned you not to do it again.

03. Alex the Great - Surprise!Edit

Tell me, have you ever managed to hack a security bot while it's filling your face with bullets?

04. Alex the Great - Un-HackEdit

Impressive, but what is the point of hacking a camera if I can just do this?

05. Alex the Great - Useful TurretEdit

Good work! Are you going to put that thing to good use? Prove it.

06. Alex the Great - Too BadEdit

Aw, too bad. Don't worry, there're a few more of those laying around here.

07. Alex the Great - Turret StabEdit

Hahahahaha! Didn't even see it coming!

08. Alex the Great - Be More StealthyEdit

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! I can see you you know?

09. Alex the Great - Stick to the ShadowsEdit

Try sticking to the shadows you idiot!


01. Alex the Great - Ouch!Edit

Owwwww! Hey! Cut it out!

02. Alex the Great - Blind!Edit

You bastard! I'm blind! Oh wait, no, I'm not.

03. Alex the Great - EnoughEdit

This is getting stupid.

04.Alex the Great - Tsk TskEdit

Tsk tsk tsk. Those things don't grow on trees, you know. Not that we can actually grow trees down here...

05. Alex the Great - Stubborn HackerEdit

I'd rather it was dead than let you take it!

06. Alex the Great - Destructive TypeEdit

You really are the destructive type, aren't you?

07. Alex the Great - Murderer!Edit


08. Alex the Great - Poor ThingEdit

Poor little thing. Never did anything to no one.

09. Alex the Great - Not So StealthyEdit

Not the stealthy type, are you?


01. Alex the Great - Know Your StationEdit

Know your station, Delta! I give the orders around here, and I alone can cancel them!

08. Alex the Great - Get OutEdit

Your services are no longer required, sir! Out! Out! Ouuuuuuut!

09. Alex the Great - Even More LaughterEdit

(Evil laugh)


01. Alex the Great - LaughterEdit

(Evil laugh)

02. Alex the Great - More LaughterEdit

(Evil laugh)


01. Alex the Great - Alarm DisabledEdit

Well well well then... damn.


01. Brigid Tenenbaum - InterferenceEdit

It seems Alexander did not plan for this... interfering, from...


01. Brigid Tenenbaum - Breaking Alex's ControlEdit

Ahh, you break his control. I think now Alexander cannot block you from entering the security office. I hope that before he went mad, he left another message for you.


01. Augustus Sinclair - Out to PastureEdit

(Phew) We thought you were a goner for sure that time... Looks like this is where they put the other old Daddies out to pasture when they... got sick. We gotta get you down Doc Lamb's hideout, or all that splicin' they put you through's gonna drive you off the deep end like the others.


02. Brigid Tenenbaum - The Alpha SeriesEdit

Herr Delta... this thing you face... the Alpha Series... you were part of it. Before they called you Big Daddies und made you guard the Little Ones... Ryan's people used you as slaves, to build Rapture, und to defend.

03a. Brigid Tenenbaum - Lamb Controls the AlphasEdit

The Alpha Series went mad, Herr Delta. Ryan stopped using Plasmid test subjects for Big Daddies, after that. But still, Lamb is able to control them somehow. In another life, we would have much to talk about.

04b. Brigid Tenenbaum - Lamb Controls the AlphasEdit

The Alpha Series went mad, Herr Delta. Ryan stopped using Plasmid test subjects for Big Daddies, after that. But still, Lamb is able to control them somehow, this song that kills. Unless we stop her soon, she will break you as well.


01. Sofia Lamb - Eleanor will SucceedEdit

Where Gil failed, Eleanor will succeed.


02. Augustus Sinclair - Find ADAM PlantsEdit

Well, sport — all those override keys you've been huntin' are genetically encoded. And to get to Lamb, you'll need one from ol' Gil in there. So I think we're gonna have to print it up from a sample of his DNA. First thing's first, though — we gotta pin him down. Find those plants he mentioned and lure him back out.


01. Augustus Sinclair - Find ADAM PlantsEdit

Now all those override keys you've been huntin' are genetically encoded. And to get to Lamb, you'll need one from ol' Gil in there. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to try fishin' around in his pockets. I think we're gonna have to print a new one from a sample of his DNA. Step one is to find those plants he mentioned and lure him back out.


01. Augustus Sinclair - Time to Lure GilEdit

All right, sport, time to feed the fish. Head on back to Alexander's tank.


01. Augustus Sinclair - Feed GilEdit

Now just drop that... slug food you gathered into the feedin' machine on the side of the tank there.


01. Brigid Tenenbaum - Luring Gil OutEdit

The tank has a machine arm inside, for tagging und sampling of DNA for study. Once you draw him out in front of it, we have him, and his key!


01. Brigid Tenenbaum - Prison AccessEdit

Good. Now, use Alexander's key to open the secret prison beneath us. That is where Lamb is hiding.

Retail VersionEdit


01. Augustus Sinclair - Head to the LabsEdit

VO ABY R Sinc AirlockRun.wav

Now we're gettin' somewhere. Doc Lamb's middle-man's gotta be in those labs he mentioned. Should be a new airlock open somewhere up ahead. Head on through it.


01. Augustus Sinclair - Fontaine Futuristics LocationEdit

VO ABY R Sinc OldCrook.wav

Fontaine was one savvy ol' crook. He built this HQ out on the edge of an ocean trench so deep it might as well be bottomless. And why? Because the slugs that carry ADAM crawl right up out of it. Heaven knows what lies below... but the proximity surely helped him corner the supply.


01. Augustus Sinclair - Where Big Daddies Come FromEdit

VO ABY R Sinc Sane.wav

I'm afraid ol' Gilbert is right about the first Big Daddies comin' from human lab rats, kid. When your DNA just couldn't take another tug, they blanked out your brains an' stitched you into that suit. Kinda curious how you're the only one who hasn't gone squirrely after all this time.


06. Alex the Great - VandalismEdit

VO ABY R Gil HackJab 06.wav



04. Alex the Great - Insubordination!Edit

VO ABY S Gil Fired 04.wav

Insubordination! Severance package canceled! Benefits... benefits rescinded... I... I...


01. Alex the Great - ReconsiderationEdit

Delta... in regards to your termination... perhaps I was hasty. Would you like to return to custodial services? Leave the rest of my security relays intact, and we'll just forget about the whole thing, hmm?


01. Alex the Great - Retirement PlanEdit

Still a winner, Delta! The tour was never the same without you! And to think, you were so spliced you couldn't stand when we stuffed you into that get-up. The Fontaine Family retirement plan suits you to a T, my boy!


01. Alex the Great - Ha ha haa!Edit

VO ABY R Gil Giggle.wav

(Evil laugh)


01. Augustus Sinclair - Break the Relay DevicesEdit

That's usin' the ol' noodle, kid! Looks like some kind o' pirate relay doohickey keepin' security under his spell. Find the rest o' those an' vandalize 'em directly!


01. Augustus Sinclair - You All Right?Edit

VO ABY R Sinc Freakout.wav

Kid? ...kid, are you all right?


02. Augustus Sinclair - It's the Pair BondEdit

VO ABY R Sinc Freak 02.wav

Kid, it's your bond with Eleanor, tryin' to shut you down... shake it off!


01. Augustus Sinclair - Gil's ChangedEdit

VO ABY R Sinc SeeGil.wav

That thing in there used to be a man...?


01. Augustus Sinclair - Take the KeyEdit

VO ABY R Sinc TakeKey.wav

The key's all ready, go on and take it!


01. Augustus Sinclair - Your DecisionEdit

VO ABY R Sinc UpToYou.wav

Ah, can't help you there, sport... when Alexander was sane, he wanted to die. Now he's nuts, and beggin' to live... this one's between you an' him.


01. Sofia Lamb - Gilbert's sacrificeEdit

VO ABY R Lamb GilTrouble 01.wa

Gilbert Alexander made a sacrifice few men would ever consider, Delta. Sadly, ADAM is degenerative in an adult body; his fall was swift, and he succumbed to the tyranny of the ego. Eleanor, however, will have no such flaw...


01. Sofia Lamb - Length of the ChainEdit

VO ABY R Lamb LeaveAlive 01.wa

I see. Did you leave Gilbert alive to prolong his agony, or out of simple contempt for me? Regardless... he was a blind old watchdog, long past his prime... just as you are, Delta. The only difference between you is the length of your chain.

ADAM VisionsEdit


Note: ABY_S_Bsis_Pairbond_3 is used in the game

01. Eleanor LambEdit

VO ABY S Bsis Pairbond 01

Father, hurry! Mother's experimenting on me. Soon I won't have the strength to speak.

02. Eleanor LambEdit

VO ABY S Bsis Pairbond 02

Father... I... please... hurry... she knows you're here... and all this ADAM... I can't... my head is swimming... I'm slipping away!

03a. Eleanor LambEdit

VO ABY S Bsis Pairbond 03a

You had been a prisoner for some time, father, and mother bought the rights to your genetic material to create me. She needed someone disposable. She didn't care who you were because she always intended to perfect me with ADAM and she wanted me all to herself.

03b. Eleanor LambEdit

VO ABY S Bsis Pairbond 03b

When mother lost me and I became a Little Sister, you had already been made a protector. When it came time to bond us into pairs, Father, they put us all in a room and let us choose. Even in my condition, I knew I was yours.

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