Im a real serious wikia editer so I won't leave even a typo behind.

I'd leave deleting to the people whos been here longer then me, I only fix.

I'm also editing one word at a time.

Favorite games are:

Call of duty: Modern warfare 2

Stalker: Call of Pripyat


And soon to be Bioshock 2.

I'm a FPS fan and really either hardcore and kill everybody at times or just ease and relax to have some fun after doing a hard challenge or quest.

I love reading so this drives me to a kind of addiction to reading a whole wikia just to find out every creepy fact, and detail.

So far I edited real seriously was the Stalker wikia only since I had a lot of spare time when I was editing it.

Well, wikias are my favorite.

So far I edited the:

Call of duty wikia

Stalker wikia

Bioshock wikia

and MUCH more wikias since I love reading them.

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