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Splicer Type: Houdini Splicer

Specials: Despite being the first Houdini Splicer ever created, he can throw electric balls instead of fire or ice.

Favorite Plasmids''':' Houdini, Electro Bolt 3,Teleportation,Telekinesis and Sonic Boom 2

Abilities: The"Only" known splicer to have the teleportation Plasmid. Can throw Electric balls at you instead of fire or ice.


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Dalton First came to Rapture with his Aunt Brigid Tenenbaum. Despite not being German Dalton was related to his Aunt Brigid in ways unknown. Once Daltons mom told Dalton that he was going to be staying with a very special friend of hers. Dalton arrived to Brigid's house just before the Holocaust. He was taken to a prison camp to although he was not jewish he still had to work.

Life in Rapture[]

Dalton had followed his Aunt to Rapture. Under the employment of Frank Fontaine, she presented Dalton to Frank. Frank looked at Dalton, saw his features, and made him into the first little Brother, even though he was 10 or 11 years of age. However, Dalton didn't stay a little Brother for long. His Aunt Brigid freed him from the Mental Conditioning and he has always thanked her for that.

Dalton was one of the richest people in Rapture, as he got all his money from his Aunt Brigid. He dressed very fancy; he wore a tuxedo complete with: a top hat, a cigarette holder, and a cane.

Civil War[]

Dalton was not involved in the Rapture Civil War, but when a bunch of splicers came into his aunt's house in Mercury Suites he was determined to defend it. Then when Dalton realized how bad the war was becoming, he joined Andrew Ryan's forces and was exceedingly determined to save the city. Although the civil war did not last long, Dalton decided to go to the Kashmir Restaurant. There he seen a young man named Jack presumed that Jack was part of Atla's forces so he began to spy on him. Dalton then fought Jack starting at Arcadia and ended his madness in Mercury Suites

Character Model[]

Dalton's Character model Circa.1958

Dalton's character model is not seen in game but is seen in removed content. You see Dalton wearing it when you become a little sister, but this to is seen only in removed content.

"He was originally supposed to be considered one of the Rapture Elite, or maybe even one of the Wealthiest men in Raptue."

Raptures best and Brightest![]

  • Ruthless Dictator Gardimuer- Leader of the government and the wikia, rules it with an Iron fist. Looking over the wiki with a birds eye, notices any suspicous activity and keeps a close eye on the Projects of the wiki.
  • The Rebel Leader- Leader of the rebellion bent on overthrowing the Dictator and bring peace to the wiki. Watches over the Users of his rebellion, to make sure they are not captured by the Dictator.
  • Imagination enthusiast- Creator of the Cabal, a secret society that secretley lurks within the shadows of the Government.
  • Security Chief MegaScience- Chief of Security, will report anything about anything to the proper authorities, you should follow his example.
  • The Forgotten Leader- Head of the Cabal, and also the local beauracrat, part of Gardimuer's bloody Regime.
  • Master Creator- Me! I have one of the most frequently read Blogs on the entire wiki it's no suprise that I'm part of the Government, and Gardimuer's bloody Regime
  • Sound and Music Director- Uploaded all audio diary files, former leader of Rapture Central Computing That is it's own reward!
  • The Great Informant- Possibly the greatest researcher and news gatherer on the entire Wikia! scavanges the entire Inter-connected-net to look for one piece of information (such Dedication!)


During 1959 Dalton was present during the attack on the Kashmir Restaurant he defended Diane McClintock. Then once he went to go and help a wounded woman. That was where Diane was nearly killed in the explosion. Dalton came to her and tried to attend to her needs but he was pushed back by a couple of people trying to ram their way out of the restaurant.

you first encounter Dalton in Arcadia he will send you Radio Message's most of the messages are threats, he tries to kill the player a couple times. He only appear's a certain time in the game. He end's his madness in Mercury Suites, If you kill him there you won't gain access to the secret room in his Suite.

If you kill Daltion in Mercury Suites[]

If you kill Dalton in Mercury Suites you won't gain access to his secret room, and Tenenbaum will not look at you as a savior, more like a murder.

If you save Dalton In Mercury Suites[]

If you save Dalton he will give you a key to his secret room in his Suite the room contains:

Dalton will guide you throughout the rest of the game (Note: he does not replace Tenenbaum, Atlas/Fontaine or Ryan)

Bioshock 2[]

After the events of Bioshock, Dalton went back to the surface with his Aunt Dalton and spent 9 years there. He returned to Rapture one year earlier then his Aunt. When Dalton returned he couldn't believe his eyes, Rapture had fallen apart. He had a few clashes with Sofia Lamb and Big Sisters, he wiped out approximately 1/4 of the Big Sister population. Dalton realized that Rapture wasn't safe anymore so he went to the Atlantic Express Train Station. Dalton nearly killed his Aunt when she walked throught the door, he hugged her and apologized and let her hide out with him. But over time Dalton told his Aunt "Stay here you'll be safe, I have to find Sofia Lamb and take her out" Dalton eventually failed this mission when he was held captive by Stanley Poole.

You encounter Dalton in Dionysus Park. He ask's you to kill Stanley Poole and gives you a small errand, he wants you to get Tate Merlot. Because he is running out of his, If you do complete your assignment, he will give 400 ADAM and a code to a secret room in the park.

Items you will in Dalton's secret room

  • $250.00
  • 100 adam


Dalton is not a playable character in BioShock 2 Multiplayer but you can get him on the X-BOX 360 LIVE Marketplace for 350MS points

or $5.00

The pack includes 2 new Plasmids, 5 new Gene Tonics.

Minerva's Den[]

Dalton is present during Minerva's Den, He makes appearances through Radio Messages.

Bioshock Infinite[]

Dalton is seen twice (very briefly) in a tear towards the end of the game, he is seen praying to a statue of Andrew Ryan. Then seen mixing teleportation plasmids in one of the caves in Arcadia. Booker DeWitt then brands him a 'crackpot' 

Audio Diaries[]

To be added.....

Radio Messages[]

Dalton Ryan Radio Message's: Bioshock


Dalton is now dead, his demise? the Kashmir Restaurant it seems that Dalton wanted one more taste of what Rapture use to have. It seems all Dalton wanted was for Rapture to be the way it was, so he decides to go to the Kashmir Restaurant and see if he can get one valuable meal from his favorite Restuarant then. He starts hearing these weird noise's and then he looks at enormous bay window that views the Ocean. Then suddenly the glass begins to crack, Dalton runs for the door but figures he triggered the still functon security system. He was astonished, yet frightened to find out that something in Rapture still works but scared to know that he will die In several minutes. Finally the window gives a final crack and the rest is triggered, the Restaurant is filled with water in the blink of an eye. Ultimatley ending Dalton's wicked life.

Change to a Big Brother[]

In Dalton's time in The Rapture Family, Sofia Lamb has taken a great intrest in him so she decide's to ask him to join the anti-protector program. The anti-Protector program is where men who are put into similar Big Sister suits (only the suits are better). This is where Dalton decided to become a Big Brother Dalton agreed to do the program and once he was inside the suit he wreaked havok on any splicer that stood in The Rapture Family's way


Killing An Enemy Splicer[]

"Ill tear out you intestines and show them to you"

"That's why I told you not to touch me"

"How dare you touch me"

"I feel that you must die now!!!"

"You think this was some sick game"

"Aunt Tenebaum was right about you!!!"

"You can't hurt me im practicly bleeding ADAM *Laugh*"

"I think you look better this way"

"Il est temps de die"


"Damn you you've gone and hurt me"

"Oh My God I'm bleeding

"I'm afraid you don't play by the rules"

"Why would you make me bleed?"

"Of course I'm hurt your not the one bleeding"

"I'm afraid you gone and injured me"

Killed the Player[]

"Well I thought you would actually stand a chance"

"Well Well Well who's on the ground crieing for mercy now hhhmmm?"

"Im afraid you expired *Laugh*"

"Well it's time to get back home"

"Chore #1 completed Aunt Tenebaum will be proud of me!"

"Hhmmmm? well at least your falling into fire right now!!!"

"Well I guess not everyons lucky now right?"

"Im afraid it's your ass now not mine"

"Well I gotta leave you lieing down there bye"


"You mother fu*screams*"

"You can't do this to *shrieks*"

"That feels funny!!!!!"

(Gibberish-I am-Gibberish Rapture is me)


"No shoo shoo"

"I'll give you honey"

"No No that stings stop it!"

"Please no I might be allergic"


"Fire fire get some water"

"No to hot to hot help!"

"It"s getting to warm stop it!"

"Hot Hot Hot!!!!"



"Cold Cold to Cold"

"Did it get cold in here?"

"Gosh I'm freezing make it stop"

"Im freezing!!!"

Regenerating Health[]

"What did you think I'd die?"

"Well Im obivously not dying today"

"Now that I'm back im telling Aunt Tenebaum on you!!!"

"Finally some frecking health!!!"

"You watched me suffer now watch me kick you ass"

"I'm back bitches!!"

Picked up a little sister[]

"Don't worry I'm here to bring you back to Mama Tenenbaum"

"I'm here to save you from this horid place"

"I'm afraid were leaving Mr.Bubbles behind"

(Little Sister Screams) "No ones gonna hear you!!!"

Attacking The Rosie[]

"Im afraid im going to have to kill you"

"Take this Mr. B"

"Look Look Mr.Bubbles im killing you"

"Look I don't want to do this to you but I need the girl"

"You killed my brother time to pay!!!"


On Ryan's Team[]

"For Andrew Ryan!!!"

"Crush the Parasites!!!"

"Die Parasites!!"

"Time to die you Parasite bastards!"

On Atlas's Team[]

"For Atlas!!!"

"Down with Facism!!!"

"Kill the Fascist!!!!"


"I knew Hitler!" (Say's insanley)

"Look guys a Hammer and Sickle"

"Do you know what they did to those poor jews during the Holocaust?" (Says to another Splicer)

Notable Quotes[]

"Remember Mr. Ryan War does not determine who is right only who is left"

"Mr. Ryan The day of individual happiness has passed."

"Every person has a choice your either with Ryan or the Parasites"

"Atlas I have a message for you It is not truth that matters, but victory."

Favorite stuff on the wikia[]

Favorite Pages-

Mlle Blanche de Glace

Sofia Lamb

Andrew Ryan

Kashmir Restaurant

Brigid Tenenbaum

Houdini Splicer

Dionysus Park


Personal stuff[]


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