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I came to This Utopia to be humiliated and locked in this cursed place?
― Evelin canad

Evelin Canad was a citizen of Rapture, he was a teacher humiliated by his students, he felt stupid therefore he consumed Gene Tonics to become the best teacher, but he fell into madness and because of his mutations they fired him, he was so angry that he burned the school but they managed put out the fire, Sullivan found him escaping and sent him on Persephone.


Life on the Surface[]

He was born in Cuba but did not like communism and the rules of Fidel Castro and with his money he managed to reach the United States and lived in Chicago, He worked at Lincoln University, he met Charles Milton Porter he describes him as a '' genius in a closed minded world '', he was investigating the disappearance of his friend, Porter.

In his spare time, a diver practiced to discover the mystery of the submerged city after so much searching, he found it on November 10, 1951, 5 days later he already came with food and some weapons, he was able to access through a Bathysphere. from a Rapture citizen, he hid in Pauper's Drop Market for a few months until he met Frank Fontaine and made a deal with him.

In Rapture[]

Fontaine made him a smuggler who will swim through the Atlantic bottom and get there faster to distribute things, After he smuggled Fontaine did his part and made him a teacher at a new school that needed teachers.

In his life as a teacher at Rapture he was humiliated by his name by his higher grade students, he felt stupid, that's why he heard about Plasmids to enrich the brain from so much consumption of Plasmids and Gene Tonics fell into madness and every day seemed like a Splicer. children were very afraid of him therefore they fired him.

He was so angry that he grabbed gasoline and a couple of matches and set the school on fire, luckily they put out the fire and no one was hurt, Sullivan saw him running and they arrested him and sent him to Persephone.

In the middle of the Civil War of Rapture a bomb exploded in Persephone and freed half of the prisoners one of them was Evelin, he immediately escaped and went to Fontaine Fisheries to hide until the war ended.


Jack can find Evelin in Welcome to Rapture fleeing to Medical Pavilion, it is possible to fight with him but he will always escape.

BioShock 2[]

Later in 1968 when Sofia Lamb ruled Rapture, he completely disagreed with the policies of the Rapture Family, However, the Subject Delta can find Evelin in Atlantic Express, the difference is that he has much more life and strength than the other Splicers and also that he has unique attacks.


Note: These images were Poster that Evelin collected


Pacification Chamber[]

We can't have you running around the laboratories in your condition.
― Alex the Great

The Pacification Chamber otherwise known as Showers is a part of the ADAM Research Laboratory in Fontaine Futuristics, in this place they experimented with the bond of the Little Sisters and the Alpha Series.


Thanks to Brigid Tenenbaum, the Alpha Series ties with the Little Sisters and it was a total success, but not everything was a success,

BioShock 2[]

In search of Eleanor Lamb, Subject Delta will enter an abandoned laboratory taken over by Alex the Great. Subject Delta must collect 3 ADAM-Infused Plants in the laboratories, Delta will go to the showers that you can reach through the entrance to the Pacification Chamber, there you will find some showers full of soil and Hypnotic Polyps and a surveillance camera where they saw the Test Subject showers.

Main Entrance[]

Upon entering the Showers, Subject Delta will meet two Splicers hitting Hypnotic Polyps, where suddenly the plant throws its polyp, one of the Splicers is hypnotized, killing the other splicer, after seeing that, Delta will find a ADAM Corpse, Securiity Camera, Bot Shutdown Panel, Little Sister Vent, First Aid Kit, Shotgun Ammo and Rivets. After that, Delta finds the Surveillance Office where they watched the Test Subjects Showers, there is an Audio Diary and a Gene Bank.

Test Subject Pacification Chamber[]

New Discoveries[]

Single Use Events[]

Audio Diaries[]

  1. Gilbert Alexander - Outlived Usefulness - On the Surveillance Office.

Plasmid Laboratory Facade[]

Thanks to new plasmid technologies being developed here at Fontaine Futuristics, anything is possible: the power of the Gods is yours. All of our procedures are quick, painless, and safe.
― Gilbert Alexander

The Plasmid Laboratory Facade was a Showroom, here customers can test Plasmids and Gene Tonics

Lt. Smith

Lt. Smith is a lieutenant on board the submarine at the wreckage of Apollo Air Flight DF-0301, seen during BioShock's bad ending. Lt. Smith is the man searching through the floating debris with a stick.


Smith sailed on an unknown ship in the Atlantic Ocean. Sailors noticed a lighthouse where there was a recent plane crash. Smith himself can only be seen in the bad ending, where, when he and the sailors examined the wreckage of the plane, the bathyspheres sent by Jack swam up to them. The Splicers jump out of them and kill all the people on the ship.


Behind the Scenes[]

  • This is a User page obviously this is not official.
  • Originally Evelin Canad had a wife named Alexa but she was eliminated.
  • Evelin canad use the Splicer model Toasty.