aka Paul le magnifique

  • I live in France
  • I was born on November 24
  • My occupation is logic, soooooo much systemic logic.
  • I am a monster without a name

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Through the Looking Glass: An Approximative Timeline of the Immersive Sim GenreEdit

This timeline is in no way meant to belong to a singular world or reality. I just made it up for fun and giggles. :P

Favorite quotesEdit

Sometimes, when I walk into my office, I get the impression that I'm walking among the ruins of a lost civilization. Not because of the reigning disorder, but because it all seems to be the remains of that civilized person that I used to be.
― John Blacksad
Sure you hear it in Rapture. One of the business types asked me, "Why don't you splice white? Get ahead!" Well, that's some idiocy! I told him, "First of all I AM ahead. Second, in Rapture it's your WORK that's supposed to matter, not your skin!" Too bad for some folks you can't splice in common sense.
Charles Milton Porter

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