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About me Edit


I'm watching you...

Fontaine Third Form

I'm a guy who went to Rapture when I was 16 years old. I thought Rapture was a great city... until the Civil War.


My History Edit

Life In The Surface Edit

I was a chef in Los Angeles, California. I opened a restaurant in 1941 with my dad. Many people came at first, but after a few years we had to close my restaurant down. After I sold the restaurant, I had nothing to do. Then, I got an invitation to Rapture. I went down there and, in my opinion, it was beautiful.

Life Underwater Edit

Once I went inside Rapture, I have to say, it was great. I took a tour of the city, and bought a home in Mercury Suites. Fontaine Futuristics hired me to be a scientist, where I met Gilbert Alexander, Yi Suchong, and Frank Fontaine.

The Civil War Edit

Like many people, I didn't want the Civil War to happen, but I had to do something about it. I tried to convince both Atlas and Andrew Ryan against it, but they simply ignored me. Instead, each wanted me to join their side and I accepted both, working as a double agent. When the war started, I quickly aligned myself with Sinclair Solutions and I met Augustus Sinclair. By that point, I had spliced myself. I killed mostly everyone on both both Atlas' and Ryan's side. I took pride in my skill in the dismemberment of these Splicers. If you're playing BioShock 2's Multiplayer, you should watch out for me. I might pop up randomly, killing everyone no matter the sides, with no one able to eliminate me.

Events of BioShock Edit

After the war, I needed ADAM to protect myself. I assembled a makeshift Grenade Launcher and killed a Rosie, Elite Rosie, Bouncer and Elite Bouncer. I harvested 1 Little Sister and rescued 2 Little Sisters. When Jack came down to Rapture, I wanted to meet him. I saw Jack in Fort Frolic, but he didn't noticed me, so I walked away. Besides that, he seemed to be quite hostile to everyone at the time. I was able to leave a message to Jack of where my secret stash of 300 ADAM and 475 dollars was, which he found quite easily. After Jack killed Fontaine, I went back to the surface. I still left many audio diaries laying around Rapture outlining my daily life and other random oddities.

Surface Edit

When I got back to the surface, I bought a home back in California. I stumbled upon to Mark Meltzer's investigation of the disappearance of his daughter and, knowing Rapture personally, decided to help him find her. I anonymously informed Mark where Rapture was, and went back down to Rapture via Bathysphere to aid him further. Docking at the Rapture Metro at Fontaine Futuristics introduced me to the Alpha Series, which they had apparently kept secret from me.

Events of BioShock 2 Edit

After finding a partially-sane Alpha Series, we quickly became friends. Working together, we took down a Big Sister. Me with my Grenade Launcher, and him with his Rivet Gun, it still took us 10 minutes to defeat her. We got 200 ADAM off her, quite the bounty for our means. When Subject Delta passed through Fontaine Futuristics, I passed him off as a regular Alpha Series, not knowing his identity. By this point, I had set out yet more audio diaries around Rapture outlining the new oddities of my daily life.


Favorite Gene Tonics Edit

Favorite Plasmids Edit

Favorite Weapons Edit

Greatest moments of my Life Edit

  • Killed nearly everyone during the Civil War.
  • Killed Big Sisters/Daddies.
  • Seen Subject Delta, Atlas, Jack, Andrew Ryan, Augustus Sinclair, Yi Suchong, Frank Fontaine, and Brigid Tenenbaum.
  • Befriended with an Alpha Series.
  • Tea-bagged a Splicer, Big Daddy, and Big Sister.
  • After Andrew Ryan died I bought a home in California then I went down to Rapture again then went back to the surface.
  • Able to breathe underwater after taking a tonic.

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This is where I live: Rapture.

Subject Delta and the Big Sister

Random Pictures Edit


Big Daddies are cool

Alpha series concept
BioShock Jack Chain Tattoo by infernobat3330


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