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About me[]

Unownshipper: part stern father figure, part superhero.

I am Unownshipper. On the job, I'm a 31 year old videographer from Atlanta, Georgia. Off the clock, I'm a fact finder, picture taker, page editor, wordsmith extraordinaire.

BioShock is my favorite game of all time and the franchise is, in my opinion, one of the best out there. I'm proud to be a part of the Wiki that catalogues and shares this game series with the world. While the site is among the best I've seen, I believe there's always room for enhancement. I am dedicated to maintaining, improving, and expanding the catalogue of information presented here so long as the BioShock series is still enjoyed by fans of gaming.

My Precept[]

  • One Word: Perfection. BioShock is a top-class game, and it deserves a top-class Wiki. Its articles should be rich in detail, smartly written, and, if possible, witty. The pictures should be high resolution, dynamic, and above all else HUD-free. There should be consistency throughout the site in formatting, style, and content.
  • If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right and worth doing once. I don't believe in multiple, minor edits; rather, a page should have all its changes done on it during one round of editing. Now everyone makes mistakes on occasion (simple typos, missed mistakes) and I'm certainly not immune to that, but on principle we should aim to minimalize them.
  • The Golden Rule still applies on the Internet. I believe in diplomacy and understanding. Everyone has a right to their opinion and disagreements can almost always be settled with an amicable compromise. If I can facilitate that process in any way, I'm happy.

Thanks for all the support given for my campaign for Adminship.

Self-Made Advertisement Images[]

Rabble Rouser

The Empress

Vindication of Veronica


209 Renegade Place

By Any Other Name

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Lucky Lucas

My favorite pages[]

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My Top Blogs[]

My Contributions[]

Cut Out Businessman Model Render No Stand.png

Dramatically reduced the number of useless pages and files, candidates for deletion, and incorrect redirects.

Articles I've Created[]

  1. The "Appearance" section on the individual Splicer model pages.
  2. Atlas' Headquarters
  3. Atrium
  4. Basement Storage
  5. Bathysphere Station
  6. Ben Lo
  7. BioShock Infinite Locations
  8. BioShock Wiki Character Tracker
  9. Camellia
  10. Cohen's
  11. Columbia Tarot Deck
  12. The Daily Bread
  13. Dr. Suchong's Free Clinic
  14. Electronics
  15. Executive Wing
  16. Fat Cat Lounge
  17. Fontaine Plasmids
  18. Fontaine's Department Store (Business)
  19. Fontaine's Machinery Co.
  20. Fontaine's Station
  21. Fredericks
  22. Gallery Entrance
  23. The Gallery of the Artist's Struggle
  24. The Golden Rule
  25. Greenfields
  26. Haas Classy Clothes
  27. Happy Noodle
  28. Hattie Gerst
  29. Health Medical Corp
  30. Interracial Couple
  31. J. Fischer Gallery
  32. Jack Frost's Village
  33. Joe & Eric
  34. Ladieswear
  35. Lamb's Garden
  36. Lansdowne Residence
  37. Lisa's Candies
  38. Lower Wharf
  39. Maison Vosges
  40. Menswear
  41. Mermaid Lounge
  42. Mrs. Lin
  43. Nini Lyon's Doll Babies
  44. The Pavilion
  45. Pavilion Station
  46. The Promenade
  47. Publications in Rapture
  48. Railway Cafe
  49. Rapture Citizen
  50. Rose (Flower)
  51. Samuel Gerst
  52. Scripted Events
  53. Sports in Rapture
  54. Sonorous Inc.
  55. Southern Mall
  56. The Spoiler Image for BioShock Infinite
  57. Tom & Dave
  58. Transit Hub
  59. Upper Wharf
  60. Various Brands (Errant Brand, First Class Brand, Good News Brand, Lady Venus Brand, 'Morning Brand, Pomegranate)
  61. Wharfmaster's Office

Articles I Didn't Create But Have Expanded Considerably[]