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  • I live in Athena's Glory, Rapture.
  • I was born on November 13
  • My occupation is not the kind you'd want to know.
  • I am your conscience.

About me Edit

Hi yall. I'm your average Joe who's managed to put a few edits on this wiki in his spare time, despite not even knowing how to upload an image.

I've played BioShock 1 and 2, loved it, and am currently eagerly awaiting the sequel. I've read Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged in full as well as George Orwell's 1984. I recommend you only read Atlas Shrugged if you have a lot of patience, or if you're into that sort of thing. It's over a thousand pages long, you only find out who is John Galt at the end of the second third and there's this speech which lasts literally three hours. It does make quite a few interesting points, though, so if you skip the long bits it makes for a very entertaining read.

1984, on the other hand, is noticeably shorter and much more interesting in the end. It's also one of the genuinely creepy books I've read in my life. The torture scene in the end is particularly chilling. Yes, the parallels with Soviet Russia are more than a little bit obvious, but at least Orwell set up the mood perfectly.

Aside from that, I enjoy playing various other games such as the Half-Life series, Portal, Team Fortress 2, Deus Ex and Assassin's Creed. My favorite films are Iron Man, Aliens, The Dark Knight and Terminator 2.

I've also joined the 2K forums. My username's Teridax.

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Spliced! Edit

It's official, I have too much free time. As I am writing this, I have over one thousand five hundred edits. I've spent so much time scouring the Internet for news on BioShock 2 that I practically know every detail in the game without even having played it. Whenever I ask someone a favor in real life, I start with the words "Would you kindly...". I have become, to put it simply, completely insane.

Also, as a by-product, I also possess an encyclopaedic knowledge on all things BioShock, and especially BioShock 2. If you need to know anything, anything whatsoever, from a spoiler to a minor strategy tip, don't hesitate to drop a message on my talk page.

My Splicer Stats Edit

  • Name: Teridax (don't ask where I got it from, you'd laugh)
  • Combat Style: Stands still, completely invisible, then either sets the guy on fire if he's far away or bludgeons him with the Wrench while he's not looking.
  • Most Impressive Feat: Singlehandedly killed a Big Daddy using only the Wrench.
  • Embarassing Moment: Almost sh*t himself with fear upon seeing his first Plastered Splicer. Never recovered, still bears an uncontrollable fear for anything silent and overly pale. And on the ceiling.
  • Ultimate Goal: To wield every single weapon, ammo type, Plasmid, Gene Tonic and upgrade that ever existed. At the same time.
  • Catchphrase: "Hello there."
  • Nemesis: The anonymous parasite who vandalises the articles of this hallowed wikia by putting in random obscenities. Has a tendency to eat this type of foe.

This user is an avid Parasite hunter!
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The Cabal Edit

Looking for the original version? If so, take a look here.

At a passing glance, this wikia may seem like most others. Editors edit, anonymous contributors contribute and the admins spend their time fixing what everyone else broke, all to a steady stream of highly creative and improbable fanfiction. Nothing too sinister, right?


You see, this all but a ruse, a front for one of the most devious organizations known to Wikia. A society so secret and so powerful, most people here know nothing of its existence (or pretend not to, out of sheer terror). Since its inception, this wiki has fallen under the cold steel boot of this callous clique and until now this dominion has remained unwavering. Following a massive purge involving nearly half of its members, I have deemed it necessary to update the roster, even if must come at the cost of my life. But I'll tell you this: they may take my life, but they'll never have my SANITY! Even I don't have my sanity! I've lost it in the couch, and I still can't find it... But I digress. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the most insidious of institutions, the most fatal of fraternities, the most annoying of alliterations: The Cabal.

The Leaders Edit

  • Slinky Assassin/Overlord Stigma-231: The exalted leader of the Cabal. Also a Big Sister. Consequently she's friendly, discreet and prone to stabbing people. A lot. On an unrelated note, she singlehandedly murdered every unworthy member of the Cabal in an event that shall forever be known in history as the "Night of the Very Long Needles". You've been warned.
Specialty: Adminstrative duties, grammar, stabbing people through the neck with a wrist-mounted ADAM needle.
Plasmid of Choice: Telekinesis. Because stabbing someone isn't nearly so much fun as actually pulling the victim into your own personal oversized syringe.
Weapon of Choice: Her very own ADAM needle. When she's not brutally harvesting people's circulatory systems, she's using the bottle to keep her cocktails fresh. She likes Bloody Maries, wouldn't you know?
  • High Imperatrix Gardimuer: Behind her cute little bunny mask lies a programming genius, capable of remodelling the wiki's entire mechanics in a few deft strokes. As cool and calculating as the programs she ceaselessly rewrites, Gardimuer has never shown any display of emotion, except of course whenever someone dares insult the beauty of her bunny mask. Those people tend to die very, very fast.
Specialty: Templates, rearranging the Wikia's internal structure, rearranging unworthy subordinates' internal organs by smashing them with a lead pipe.
Plasmid of Choice: Insect Swarm. The perfect minion: very dangerous, exceptionally hard-working and fits in most jars and storage compartments.
Weapon of Choice: To be added soon.
  • Supreme Lawmaker BlueIsSupreme: Silent, impassive yet indescribably brutal, ensures the rules are properly enforced, having made quite a few of them himself. Founded the Cabal, and has a tendency to influence the course of events from the shadows, under the cover of his battle-worn metal helmet.
Specialty: Grammar, source verification, drilling through several rebellious editors at once.
Plasmid of Choice: Houdini. Now you see me, now you don't. Now you see me, now you don't. Now you see me, now I've stuck a Drill up your ribcage. Now you're dead.
Weapon of Choice: The Drill. Great for turning enemies into mincemeat and picking one's teeth, sometimes at the same time.

The Outer Circle Edit

  • Surveillance Master EDlTOR: So devoted is he to the images of the Wikia that he had a camera wired into his eye, he sees all and knows all. And in high resolution.
Specialty: High quality images, working on a Mac, putting funny moustaches on the photos of famous people.
Plasmid of Choice: Target Dummy. Because the look of the people going "wut?" at the sight of a man dancing in the middle of the seabed is priceless.
Weapon of Choice: To be added soon.
Specialty: Spotting the hidden flaw, colorful signatures, running like hell.
Plasmid of Choice: Hypnotize. As they say: the enemy of my enemy is my friend. And so is my enemy. And whoever you splat that green goo at.
Weapon of Choice: To be added soon.
  • Dapper Inspector Pauolo: Hailing from the mysterious and exotic land of France, Pauolo has sworn an oath to defend the wiki against any would-be vandals, tirelessly batting away their frenzied and utterly random attacks with a delicious baguette he keeps on him at all times.
Specialty: Protecting pages, adding new content, being able to identify every possible and imaginable variety of cheese on the planet.
Plasmid of Choice: To be added soon.
Weapon of Choice: To be added soon.
  • Cunning Socialite D. Ryan: A true man of the moment, D. Ryan keeps the masses informed thanks to his seemingly endless array of blog posts. Some say he knows everything about every member of the wiki, although sometimes he wishes he didn't.
Specialty: Blogging, polling, drinking ADAM out of a very long champagne glass.
Plasmid of Choice: To be added soon.
Weapon of Choice: The Pistol. A true gentleman's weapon, good for precision shooting as well as precision nose-picking. Tried doing the latter when the gun was still loaded, and spent the next three weeks at Steinman's.
  • Devout Underdog Evans0305: Never grumbling, never complaining, Evans0305 has done many a dirty job on the wiki for the greater good, whether it be uploading images, rectifying sub-par edits or *shudder* notifying the community of another new BioShock-related NECA plastic toy figurine. Some say he's getting paid for these thankless tasks, others believe he does it with the hope of eventually rising to the Inner Circle, but the truth could be far more sinister: he might actually be enjoying it.
Specialty: Uploading visual content, checking edits, playing with dolls (Or, as he calls them, "plastic toy miniatures". Yeah, right).
Plasmid of Choice: To be added soon.
Weapon of Choice: To be added soon.
  • Insane Data Collector Willbachbakal: Moi. Who knew?
Specialty: Strategy guides, news updates, staring at you from my invisible hiding spot while smiling evilly.
Plasmid of Choice: Incinerate!. For the bright lights. For the pretty colors. For the sound of people running around, screaming in agony.
Weapon of Choice: The Wrench. There is only one word that can describe the sound of caving in a foe's skull with a wrench: Splatisfying.

More information may arise at any moment, so stay put. And remember: they're watching you.

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