I made this, because it sounds really cool..

About me Edit

I don't really have many things to tell about myself. If someone will need me, you can always leave a message on my Talk Page. Sometimes you can find me playing BioShock 2 Multi as xXKaraiXx. I'm also online a lot of time on some other pages under nickname Tiresh...

I currently try to get as much informations as I can about Bioshock Infinite. Usually it's stuff that was not in the trailers or was hidden somewhere.

I'm also wasting my time on making a recreation of the Columbia in Minecraft. It's a recreation, not replica (but I will use many places from the game when it will come out - till then it won't be finished, so I will be able to do that) so I build buildings from real life in style of 19/20th century. I dig deep down into archives on many sites to find many different buildings, so everything looks quite nice :) You can check out the city: HERE (PlanetMinecraft), HERE(Minecraft Forums) and HERE(Imgur album with high-res pictures). All these sites share most likely same kind of informations, but I advice to check out Imgur and Planet Minecraft! I would really like to hear what do you think about it :D If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask!

My favorite pages Edit

  • Port Of Columbia
  • "TheEmporia Towers. Exclusive Shopping. Luxurious Living."
  • "We must remove the foul mark of the VANDAL. Alert authorities to "VOX" vandalism neighborhood"
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