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Hi, I though it would be fun to gather every parallel versions of things from Columbia and Rapture in one place. These are essentially the same thing only in different universes. If you come up with more please add them in the comments and I will add them later :D

Rapture & Columbia

A view on Rapture from the Market Street.jpg
The Flying City of Columbia.png

  • The city where the game takes place.
  • Extreme philosophies.
  • Ahead of its time.
  • Scientific wonders.
  • Unique location.
  • Eventually destroyed.


Andrew Ryan & Zachary Hale Comstock

Andrew RyanHQ.jpg
Diary 3.png

  • Leader and founder of their cities.
  • Extreme ideals
  • Charismatic and articulate.
  • Died for their beliefs.
  • Rich.

Jack & Booker DeWitt

Jack Ryan Portrait.png
Diary 1.png

  • Protagonist.
  • Enters a mysterious city via a lighthouse.
  • Branded hands (chain tattoo & AD scar).
  • Rescues a girl/s (Little Sister & Elizabeth).

Little Sister & Elizabeth

Diary 8.png

  • A young woman who is under control.
  • Guarded by a mechanical human hybrid with no free will (Big Daddy & Songbird).
    • Bounded via empathy.
  • Saved by the protagonist (Jack & Booker).
  • Hides in vents (Elizabeth does this during Burial at Sea).
  • Serves a huge part in their cities function.

Big Daddy & Songbird

Bouncer PlayStation 3 BioShock Theme Icon.png
Sognbird Icon.png

  • half human, half machine, irreversible.
  • built to survive the city's environment (diving suit and flying bird).
  • Protector of a young girl (Little Sister & Elizabeth)

Atlas & Daisy Fitzroy

Atlas Portrait.png
Diary 5.png

  • Rebels.
  • Leader of a following against the city leaders and their ideals.
  • Begins a revolution that leads to civil war and destruction of their cities.
  • Manages to complete their goal.

Brigid Tenenbaum & The Luteces

Diary 19.png
Robert Lutece Portrait.png

Brigid TenenbaumHQ.jpg
  • Scientific geniuses.
  • Developed something that made their city super advanced but ultimately destroyed it (ADAM & Tears).
  • Guides the player though the game.
  • Confirmed by Ken Levine to have autism.
  • Wanted to undo what they done.

Yi Suchong & Jeremiah Fink

Yi Suchong.jpg
Diary 10.png

  • Scientific geniuses and one of the top ranking elite of their cities.
  • Powered by greed.
  • Created Plasmids/Vigors and the Big Daddy/Songbird.

Jasmine Jolene & Lady Comstock

Jasmine Jolene.jpg
Diary 14.png

  • Romantically involved with the city's founder (Ryan & Comstock)
  • Bears the leader's child, but birth and caring is minimized (Jack & Elizabeth).
  • Murdered by the leader due to the child.
  • Found dead in a bed during the game and appears as a "ghost" in one way (Ghosts & Siren).

Bill McDonagh & Cornelius Slate

Bill McDonagh.jpg
Diary 23.png

  • Strong believer and follower of the city founder
  • Lost their faith in the cause and died because of it.
  • Similar appearance.

Diane McClintock & Preston E. Downs

Diane McClintock.jpg
Diary 17.png

  • Stong follower of their leader.
  • An event occurred, which endangered their life, caused them to hunt down the people responsible (terrorist attack survivor (by Atlas) & failed assassination attempt (by Fitzroy).
  • Started to sympathize with the people who tried to kill them.
  • Join their cause against the city leader.

Rose & Preacher Witting

BioShock Infinite - Town Center - Welcome Center - Preacher Witting-hand open f0811.png

  • "Welcomes" the player into the city by saying "Is there someone new?"

Ryan the Lion & Peter the Parasite & Dimwit & Duke

Parasites Never Welcome Billboard.png
Dukedimwitposter1 bsi.png

  • Propaganda characters, showing the beliefs of their cities.
  • Meant for the youth of their cities.

Objects & Locations

The Lighthouse and The Lighthouse

B1 Lighthouse Scene.png
Lighthouse (Bioshock Infinite).png

  • The game begins here.
  • It takes you to the city.

ADAM & Tears

Adam Vial Model Render.png

  • Gave the city its unique abilities.
  • Caused the cities' fall.

Plasmids & Vigors


  • Are the same thing.
  • Gave the user superpowers but destroys them.

EVE & Salts

Eve Hypo.png

  • Are the same thing.
  • Powers Plasmids & Vigors.

Bathysphere & Zeppelin

Civilian Zeppelin.png
BioShock Lighthouse Atrium Bathysphere.png

  • Main transportation of civilians in the city.

Air Grabber & Sky-Hook

Skyhookraptureworld bsi.png
Skyhookworld bsi.png

  • The player's melee weapon in their respective games.
  • Used to ride the sky-line.

Pneumo Lines & Sky-Line


  • roller coaster-like lines.
  • Used for transportation in the cities (mail/cargo).
  • You can ride it with the Air Grabber/Sky-Hook.

Circus of Values & Dollar Bill

Circus of Values (BioShock).png

  • Vending machines that sell basic goods, like health kits and EVE/Salts.
  • Voiced by Ken Levine.


Splicers & Merged


  • The merged were people who got deformities from Tears, just like ADAM did.

Rapture ADAM Mural & Columbian ADAM Mural

Pick Your Plasmid Poster.gif

  • There was a Columbian version of Rapture's iconic ADAM mural made, but it was unused. They both feature Plasmid/Vigor display and a person holding a light bulb, powered by Electro Bolt & Shock Jockey, which would have likely blinked in Columbia as well.

Vita-Chamber & Resurrecto

Vita-Chamber Icon.png

  • A "cabin" where the player responds when killed, found throughout the city. This was replaced in Infinite by Elizabeth helping you or the DeWitt Investigations door.