As you may have seen, I have created a template that allows the featured article to be replaced every week or month. Currently, all articles are placed at BioShock Wiki:Featured Articles. It is quite a tedious task to decide which articles are suitable, since there are 52 articles needed. Shacob made an excellent suggestion, and I hope that there are more contributors with good ideas. If you want to add an article, please keep the following things in mind:

  • Stubs, audio diaries, voxophones, map pages, plasmids/tonics, gear and articles with a lot of tables are not very suitable.
  • One image is enough, preferably a logo, audio diary or voxophone picture.
  • A good quote at the top is preferable, it does not need to be the one from the article. If you have a better one, feel free to add it, just make sure that it is fitting.
  • Remove templates like {{games}} or references.
  • Add an link to the article with the text Read More..., like this:
    ''([[<article name>|Read More...]])''
    You can now use {{RM|<pagename>}}: (Read More...).
  • If an image is longer than the text next to it, add template:clr to the end.
  • Place the text between the <section> tags, otherwise the template will not transclude the right information.
  • Remember that a featured article is an eyecatcher, you want to readers to click on Read More....
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