As you might've seen, {{Games}} has been broken for quite a while now, working not quite right. Its main issues are its, now awkward, placement, the tendency to cover content that resulted from the move and the fact that it would mostly show an empty square with no icons in it.

Luckily for us, the handy folks over at the Fandom Developers Wiki have a replacement for us. Using the EraIcons script, we can now place the icons where they originally were. I've created a demo at Template:Games/replacement, which you can see in action on BioShock Wiki:Sandbox. The icon in the top right, above the edit button, is the icon added by the new template. The one within the box in the article is our current solution. Stupidly enough {{Games}} functions fine on that page, so for a malfunctioning version see, Rapture.


  • The maintenance load is much, much lower as the current solution is unmaintainable. The original author/importer is no longer active here and nobody here actually knows how the JavaScript powering the template works.
  • The new template is much less complex: compare Template:Games to Template:Games/replacement.
  • We can now place the icons at the right place on the page where they used to be.
  • No changes to the template usage: only the back-end is changed.


  • While Wikia themselves vet the scripts against policy and security violations, we'd still be outsourcing a part of our wiki.
  • We didn't allow using {{Games}} on certain namespaces — such as the User (talk) namespace, blogs and a few technical namespaces — but the new script is not active on pages in those namespaces.
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