Now that Infinite has been out for a month, speculation has started to run rampant for the game’s first DLC release. Fortunately, some semi-hard evidence has emerged that the DLC will likely include a new AI companion character. A peek into a senior 2K Games animator’s LinkedIn profile revealed he had been working on “Providing animation and R&D for a new AI companion character.” Check out the full story here.

The possibility of a new character opens up plenty of questions as to who it will be, or even if the DLC will be focused around Booker and Elizabeth. Given the game’s relatively concrete conclusion to their story, it makes sense that the DLC might focus on some of the secondary characters the story alluded to. Playing as Daisy Fitzroy, Songbird or even the Luteces, would present a way to both change up the gameplay and present Columbia from a different perspective. Do you feel the DLC should stick with Booker and Elizabeth, or change focus to another group of characters? If so, which characters would you like to see?

The other issue becomes the DLC’s gameplay. While we might assume that the DLC will follow the traditional mix of vigors and gunplay, there’s always a chance that any potential new characters are not vigor users, and will have to rely on other methods. Do you feel the existing combat from Infinite could maintain the several planned DLCs? Or do you feel some new additions or major changes will be required to keep it fresh? If Elizabeth isn’t present, there will almost certainly need to be some sort of new gameplay mechanic to replace her ability to open rifts.

Of course, take everything with a grain of salt. There may very well be no new character implemented, as a lot of work done by the team likely gets left on the cutting room floor. Either way, please share your thoughts about the upcoming DLC below and see if it lines up with your fellow Bioshock Wiki members.