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A Vacuum Bot.

Those Vacuum Bots sucked up all sorts of things before going on the fritz.
― Charles Milton Porter[src]

The Vacuum Bots are domestic automatic vacuum cleaning robots developed by McClendon Robotics, and can be found scattered around the levels of the Minerva's Den DLC. They weren't without problems, though, as they tend to suck up more than just dirt. As such, each bot may contain a variety of useful items, but must be destroyed to find them.

There is an achievement/trophy called "Garbage Collection" for destroying all ten Vacuum Bots (five in Minerva's Den, five in Operations).


Minerva's Den[]

  1. After the first Gatherer's Garden on the way to Porter's office, turn left.
  2. In McClendon Robotics, on the product display line.
  3. In McClendon Robotics, hidden in a room behind a screen (the one with all the robotic Little Sisters and the audio log about them by the corpse).
  4. In the Air-Tite Archives in the New Accounts section (to the right soon after the entrance), requires the Electro Bolt Plasmid first.
  5. In the Mag Locked section on the way to Porter's Office, requires the Gravity Well Plasmid.


  1. In the Storage room with the upgraded Rivet Gun, when you first enter the Programming Wing. Use Electro Bolt on the door to gain access.
  2. Through the doorway near the Circus of Values adjacent to Felix Birnbaum's office in the Programming Wing.
  3. Near the entrance to Climate Control, on the same wall as the Gene Bank in the Engineering Wing.
  4. Directly in front of you as you exit the elevator to Exhaust Venting.
  5. In Climate Control, in the room right of where the entrance to the Turbine is. You'll find it just before finding the upgraded Ion Laser.

Help Caption

Vacuum Bots were created by the engineers at McClendon Robotics to keep Rapture clean. After the city fell into disrepair, the bots continued to run amok, sucking up items left and right before shorting out. Destroy Vacuum Bots to find valuable loot.



  •  Icon ps3If the pathway for a working vacuum bot on it route is blocked by the player, it will cause it to turn around and start its route from where it was blocked, which can cause it to go through walls and other objects in its way. The bot found in McClendon Robotics' Demonstration Stage exhibits this behavior.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The quest caption for destroying these bots read "Malfunctioning Vacuum Bots are causing trouble in (Minerva's Den/Operations). Destroy any that you find." The bots do not actually seem to be causing trouble, and the only guidance Porter gives for these bots are that they may contain useful items.
  • This would seem to indicate that McClendon Robotics invented the robotic vacuum cleaner roughly a half century before the Roomba, the first popular robotic vacuum.