According to The Art of BioShock Infinite, Vigor Junkies were planned to be one of the types of enemies encountered in BioShock Infinite.


As Columbia's version of the Splicers from Rapture, they suffer psychological deterioration as a result of excessive Vigor abuse. However, the Rapture comparison limited the use of Vigor Junkies in the game, and an in-game explanation by Citizens' dialogue in the Columbia's Fair mentions that average Citizens were not that interested in obtaining Vigor abilities, due to the formula's "kinks" that Fink needed to work out.

BioShock InfiniteEdit

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Small aspects of the Vigor Junkies are still present in three of the characters: the Zealot of the LadyCornelius Slate, and one of Slate's Soldiers with the same abilities as a Crow. Three of the characters' madness has been exacerbated by their repeated use of a particular Vigor, such as Murder of Crows and Shock Jockey respectively, and the latter even has small Shock Jockey crystals protruding out of his head. Although the Fireman's appearance did not appear in the Vigor Junkie concepts, a Vigor Junkie character in a top hat, glasses, and a black coat shows many of the same Devil's Kiss abilities as a Fireman.

Burial at SeaEdit

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The Vigor Junkie is re-imagined as the Frosty Splicer in Burial at Sea. They have large crystalline forms growing out of them, unlike most other Early Splicers which, at this point, are only just beginning to show signs of mutation.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • An unfinished Beta model of a Shock Jockey Vigor Junkie, under the name SaltTheEarth, does exist in BioShock Infinite's game's files. Although the model is rigged, it does not have any animated actions or sound files.
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