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First Aid Kit Poster

Feel Better Than Ever! Quality That Can't Be Beat! Now With Extra Strength!

When your vitality is as important as your time!
― Advertisement for First Aid Kit[src]

Vitastat produced and sold many health-related products to help revitalize and restore the citizens in Rapture. Naturally, the majority of Vita-Stat's advertisements can be found in the Medical Pavilion. It is a subsidiary of the Health Medical Corp.

Product line Edit

First Aid KitsEdit

These products can be found scattered around the city and in the Circus of Values vending machines. This abundance of First Aid Kits shows that they were in high demand during the Rapture Civil War, when many citizens were injured and needed to heal themselves quickly.

Prime Health UnitEdit

Prime Health Unit Poster

Safe! Speedy! Affordable!

These Health Stations aid the Rapture citizen with a quick, vitalizing injection for just a few dollars. Those wishing to ward off enemy Splicers can hack the machine to pump out poisonous gas instead.

In the event of its destruction, the Health Station will drop several First Aid Kits to tide the user over until the unit can be repaired.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • In the BioShock games, the EVE Hypos have an indistinguishable fine print under the label. On the EVE Hypo Replica, the fine print reveals that the hypos are a product of Vitastat.[1]
  • Med Hypos were intended to be sold by Vitastat, but were cut from the game.


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