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I came to Columbia because I believed in God and because I believed in honor.
― Vivian Monroe[src]

Lance Corporal Vivian Monroe is a citizen and soldier of Columbia. Once a proud supporter of Zachary Hale Comstock, Monroe became disillusioned after seeing Comstock's mistreatment of Columbia's citizens.


Vivian's father Sgt. Monroe served under Cornelius Slate in the United States military during the Spanish–American War and the Boxer Rebellion as a devoted soldier. She followed in her father's footsteps in Columbia when she enlisted in the Columbian army.[1]

In 1911, at the April 10th muster, Vivian was deeply honored when Slate took notice of her proficiency and personally commended her. She respected Slate for his service record and honor and saw him as a supportive father-figure, her own father had always wanted a son. From then on, she sought to prove herself to the captain.[1]

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Vivian was among the Columbian soldiers who were ordered to assemble on the Hall of Heroes in Soldier's Field after Slate led a small team of renegade soldiers to take over the building. Although most condemned Slate's actions, she saw them as justified and the men who stood and died at Slate's side as heroes.[2] Finally seeing through Comstock's hypocrisy, she decided not to serve any longer under a leadership that betrayed and discriminated against its own people. Vivian then journeyed to Finkton to join Daisy Fitzroy and the Vox Populi.[3]


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