Reed Wahl raw picture Title Wheels within Wheels
Speaker Reed Wahl
Level Operations
Wheels within Wheels
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Transcript: The Thinker's algorithm is highly accurate in predicting local phenomena... But how far can I trust the machine? I have found it running protocols that are not mine... the old Alpha Series are returning; someone is cutting them loose - Delta... Sigma... and the machine has no data on them, which makes no -- it hiding them from me? Is it... conspiring against its master? Sending... someone...? No! I am so close to seeing... everything. No one will take that away. Not even the machine itself.

Location: Exhaust Venting. Follow the sign to Climate Control past the Gatherer's Garden, around to the right side, and take the elevator down. Diary is in the middle of the room containing Incinerate! 2.

AD gNr159-lNr10 Reed Wahl - Wheels Within Wheels f0334

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