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Worlds of Hurt Cover
You MUST save the "LITTLE SISTER" but first you must ENTER and RETURN from THE EIGHT DOORS OF DOOM!!!
― Worlds of Hurt comic bubble[src]

Worlds of Hurt is the third of the three challenges from the Challenge Rooms DLC for the PlayStation 3 version of BioShock, BioShock: Ultimate Rapture Edition and BioShock: The Collection. Set in Rapture's Combat Arena, there are nine stages to be cleared, with one room for each stage acting as a simulation of a Rapture environment. Connecting all the rooms is a large, circular room that acts as a central hub.

New Discoveries[]

Little Sisters in this Level

Ungathered Icon 


Extended Walkthrough

The Central Hub for the Eight Doors Of Doom.

Central Hub

The Central Hub is a large, circular room that the player is returned to after completing each room. In the center of the room is a glass case with multiple Little Sister vents and a Little Sister trapped inside. Like all of the Challenge Rooms, the Little Sister the player must save appears to have already been "rescued" as she bears none of the signs of being implanted with a Sea Slug. She can only be rescued once all eight rooms have been cleared. Surrounding the glass case is one of every type of vending machine (except for the Health Station, of which there are two instead of one, and Power to the People machines which are found in each room). Every time the player clears a room, they receive a gift, which includes money and ADAM that can be spent in the respective vending machines.

A Single Enemy

In the first stage, the player has to kill a lone Thuggish Splicer harassing a Little Sister. Prior to entering the room, the player may pick up a Wrench and a Pistol with 6 rounds to help them. Once the Splicer is dead, approach the Little Sister to receive weapons, as well as some money and ADAM. A Power to the People machine can be found next to the vent. Afterward, the player will be transported to the central hub for the first time.

A Single Big Daddy

In this second stage, the player has to kill a Bouncer Big Daddy. Like most Big Daddies found in Worlds of Hurt, it will ignore the player and stand near the Little Sister Vent. There is an electrified pool of water in the room to aid the player in dealing with the Big Daddy and a Power to the People machine to the right of the vent. Once the Big Daddy is dead, the player will receive more ADAM and money.

Note: From this point on, the player can complete the rooms in any order they choose. Note that, up until the point where the Little Sister is approached, triggering the end battle, all rooms can be revisited. They will be empty of enemies and can be explored for ammo, Power to the People machines, missed roses, etc.

Security Bots

In this stage, which simulates Fontaine Fisheries, the player must deal with Security Bots, a Bouncer, and a Splicer. If the player has Security Bullseye, they may use it on the Big Daddy so that the bots attack it (Note that the Big Daddy turns hostile the moment he is struck by the Security Bullseye). The player can also hack a bot, which is as acceptable as destroying it. Once all the enemies are destroyed, the stage is over.

Security Turret Maze

In this stage the player must hack/destroy all the Turrets, as well as kill all the Splicers and the Bouncer in the level. Prior to entering the level, it is possible to research the Turrets by taking photographs through the glass floor, thus allowing the player to bypass hacking. It also helps to have Wrench Jockey 2 (obtained from researching Bouncers) equipped, as the Wrench can easily destroy a Turret.

Spider Splicers

In this stage, set in a simulation of the Medical Pavilion, the player must kill all the Spider Splicers in the level. This level is much easier if the player has both Wrench Jockeys equipped, as well as Electro Bolt to stun enemies.

Houdini Splicers


The vertical room in the Houdini Splicer challenge.

In this seventh stage, the player has to kill Houdini Splicers. The stage is set in an elaborate simulation of Artemis Suites and features vertical gameplay. The player starts off at the top and must make their way down the large staircase, taking out Houdini Splicers along the way. Alternatively, the player may climb down and deal with all Houdini Splicers on the ground. The Crossbow is an excellent weapon to use, as it is an efficient sniping weapon and can take out most Houdini Splicers in one shot.

All Kinds of Big Daddies

Here, the player must kill a Rosie, Elite Rosie, Bouncer, and Elite Bouncer in an Arcadia-like simulation. Three of the Big Daddies will be roaming, but one Bouncer will be standing near the vent and attacking it. Enrage is the best Plasmid to use, as it will cause the Big Daddies to fight each other to the death. However, it should be noted that an Elite version of a Big Daddy can easily dispose of a regular version, so ensure that the Big Daddies you enrage are evenly matched, otherwise the player will be left with a relatively undamaged elite Big Daddy to finish off.

All Kinds of Enemies

In this stage, set in a simulated Hephaestus, the player has to kill Nitro Splicers, Houdini Splicers, Leadhead Splicers, Thuggish Splicers, Spider Splicers, and a Bouncer. There is also a harmless Turret in the center of the room that the player can hack. To easily beat this stage, it's good to use Enrage to turn the enemies on each other, along with using Decoy towards two or more of them to also cause their conflict and to distract surviving enemies from the player.

Final Stage

Once all the stages have been completed, approach the trapped Little Sister in the center of the Hub. The lights will suddenly go out, and the player must now deal with every type of enemy (Except for Turrets). One at a time, enemies will teleport into the Hub from each of the eight rooms. Once they are defeated, a hostile Bouncer Big Daddy will charge at the player. Defeat it, then return to the Little Sister and she will open the door. Collect her and the challenge room is complete.

Trophies and Achievements[]

World of hurt rescue


This Trophy/Achievement requires the player only to rescue the Little Sister.

World of hurt expert


This Trophy/Achievement requires the player to rescue the Little Sister in under 15:00 minutes, on medium or higher difficulty.

Worlds of hurt tough

Tough Guy[]

This Trophy/Achievement requires the player to rescue the Little Sister using only Plasmids, Gene Tonics, the Wrench, and the Research Camera, on medium or higher difficulty.


World of hurt collect

This Trophy/Achievement requires the player only to find the eight Roses hidden throughout the stage. Their locations are:

  1. In Room #1: in the floor between two mechanical stations in the center of the room nearest to the broken health station.
  2. In Room #2: inside a crack in the partially sunken floor near the entrance. The player must crouch to see it.
  3. In Room #3 (Spider Splicers): under the bench near the Power to the People machine.
  4. In Room #4 (Security Bots): buried in ice to the right of the broken Bot Shutdown Panel, where the Thuggish Splicer was waiting.
  5. In Room #5 (Houdini Splicers): behind a sheet leaning against the wall, which is beneath the stairs to the left of the Health Station. The player must go up the stairs to the landing above it. There is an area where the railing is gone, just past the corner of the top of the section of stairs above this Rose. Get a running start and jump in order to land inside the area with the Rose.
  6. In Room #6 (All Kinds of Enemies) in between the wall and the bunker to the left of Little Sister vent.
  7. In Room #7 (All Kinds of Big Daddies): behind a log on the floor next to the standard Rosie's starting position.
  8. In Room #8 (Security Turret Maze): against the wall on top of the second set of gears, to the left of the Power to the People machine. The player will have to time a jump to reach it.