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"There is something more powerful than each of us, a combination of our efforts, a Great Chain of industry that unites us. But it is only when we struggle in our own interest that the chain pulls society in the right direction..."Andrew Ryan

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Worley Winery Entrance

The entrance to Worley Winery.

…Even at the bottom of this fish tank, a man must have standards. The pathetic trou du cul down at Worley Winery has started putting water to his terrible wine… water!!!
― Pierre Gobbi[src]

Worley Winery is one of several alcoholic beverage facilities in Rapture. Despite the winery's direct in-house production in the Farmer's Market, the ridiculed "pathetic trou du cul" owner is said to resort to watering down his wine in order to continue making a profit.[1] One of the more notable wines bottled in this facility is Arcadia Merlot.


Worley Winery Menu

The citizens of Rapture accomplished many amazing feats of science and achievement. One of these triumphs included the successful production of wine at the bottom of the sea. The Worley Winery was one of several establishments which catered to the never-ending thirst of the Rapture populace. The facility became an anchor tenant of the Farmer's Market, and was quite a success in its time; it offered a diverse menu including the popular Arcadia Merlot, along with a sampling of different cheeses to compliment the wine.

However, like many businesses in Rapture, the Worley eventually faced hardships from fierce economic rivalry. The winery had to cut costs in order to stay competitive with other producers and distributors of alcoholic beverages. The owner resorted to watering down the wine, an action that did not go unnoticed by citizens with a refined palette such as Pierre Gobbi.[1] Ultimately, the Rapture Civil War would ruin the operation entirely.


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The Winery is made up of three floors: the topmost floor was used for sampling and purchasing bottles, the Winery Cellar Top Floor was used to store the various bottled product, and the Winery Cellar Bottom Floor was used to store their bulk stock in huge barrels.

Wine Bar[]

Worley Winery First Floor

The shop is on the first floor.

Here, customers could try some of Worley's finest wines in a relaxing atmosphere. The bar was spacious with a large amount of seating and tables, some of which have now been smashed. A Security Camera and Turret keep watch behind the bar, though that clearly hasn't prevented some violence breaking out.

Cellar Top Floor[]

The stairs at the back of the wine bar lead down to the wine cellar's top floor, which has been mostly emptied of its stock. A U-Invent can be found by the stairs, and there are several useful supplies scattered around the floor. If using the stairs to the lower level is too risky, a hole in one of the walls also leads down into a suspicious shack.

Cellar Bottom Floor[]

Worley Distillery logo
Worley Distillery

This is where they make the wine.

The bottom floor also housed the Worley Distillery, containing stills used to make hard liquor. A byproduct of the process is Distilled Water, for watering down the wine, and useful as a U-Invent component. The owner must have been very suspicious of thievery, because there are two Turrets and two Security Cameras keeping watch. A corpse can be found in the distillery floating by under a grate in the floor. The corpse contains a large amount of Dollars. It will pass beyond view under the floor, so the player should equip and use Telekinesis to grab it.

A shack has been crudely constructed in one part of the distillery inside the player can find the Photographer's Eye Tonic. But be warned, removing it triggers a siren, alerting the shack's apparent residents who will then appear outside.

New Discoveries[]

New Plasmids and Gene Tonics (Found)[]

Audio Diary[]

  1. Brigid Tenenbaum - Functional Children - On a table in the dining area of the upper floor.

Golden Film Reels (BioShock: The Collection Only)[]

  1. In the shack of the wine cellar's bottom floor.

BioShock 2 Multiplayer[]

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The entrance to Worley Winery can be seen in the Farmer's Market opposite the Central Square Bistro in BioShock 2 Multiplayer. However, the entrance to the winery is boarded up and sealed with a notice from Andrew Ryan claiming that the premises are "unsafe." A booth near the entrance is still stocked to sell barrels of fresh water from the Worley Distillery.

Burial at Sea - Episode 1[]

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A man encountered on High Street offers Elizabeth a tour at the Winery, assuming that the smell of booze starts her engine, after seeing her with the hungover Booker DeWitt.


The corpse in the cellar.


Behind the Scenes[]

  • The phonograph on the tasting room counter plays "Twentieth Century Blues" by Noël Coward.
  • In the dining area of Worley Winery in BioShock, there is a piece of cheese with a slice cut out of it laying on the ground in a corner, along with several bullet holes on the ground. From the right angle, this appears to be an homage to Pac-Man.[2] as the cheese appears as though it's about to eat the "dots".
  • When a wine barrel is struck, it will emit a purple liquid for a short period of time (most likely wine). This effect will take place anywhere the barrel is hit, even on a seemingly metal spigot.
  • Developer Jean-Paul LeBreton remarks on this area:
    • "Yes, I'm the wiseacre who put Pac-Man into BioShock. It appeared first as a happy accident of physics in the aftermath of a Big Daddy fight, and I liked it so much I added it to the level's decor. Late in the project it had to be cleared with 2K's legal department, and I still don't know how much of the company's money was spent getting my silly little easter egg okay to ship."
    • "[The trigger in the demake] that takes you halfway across the level is an askance nod to the fact that the Market level once had two entrances and exits, one at the bulkhead and one in the cellar that popped you back out into the Rolling Hills. The latter was cut mainly because it made the mission scripting more complicated."
    • "The grisly shotgun suicide is an homage to one of the body scenes in System Shock 2."[3]


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