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Zimmerman Chardonnay sign Challenge Rooms
Zimmerman Chardonnay poster Challenge Rooms
While the Kids Play… Try Our Chardonnay
― Advertisement poster[src]

Zimmermann Chardonnay was one of several types of alcohol sold in Rapture. Presumably, it was much less common than other consumables, as no bottles of it can be found anywhere around the city, not even in Rapture's Grand Carnival where it is extensively advertised. According to posters advertising the Chardonnay, it has been produced in Rapture since 1951.

Challenge RoomsEdit

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A store named Zimmermann Chardonnay, which was likely the owner's office given that it is kept locked and that it contains no facilities for creating or bottling the drink, is found in the Grand Carnival. By the time it is visited by the player, a Thuggish Splicer has taken up residence inside, with the code to open the door set to "1951", the date that Zimmermann Chardonnay was first served to the people of Rapture.

BioShock InfiniteEdit

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Advertisements for an entirely different Zimmermann Chardonnay can be found in Columbia in 1912. A large billboard manages to fit in the secret Vox Populi weapons storeroom in The Fellow Traveller.

Bottles of the Wine can also be drunk by the player. Drinking it will restore Health, but drain Salts. The provenance of Boston, Massachusetts since 1708 on the label implies that it was a long-established business in the United States before coming to Columbia.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Jack Wallet
  • This is the only company seen advertised between both BioShock and BioShock Infinite.
  • The company is a reference to longtime BioShock graphic designer Laura Zimmermann.
  • In the Challenge Rooms, Jack's passport can be found on a desk in the store, left there as an Easter Egg by the developers.