File:Steve Barker.jpg Title Hole in the Bathroom Wall
Speaker Steve Barker
Level Welcome to Rapture
Transcript: Hey, Brenda! You care to tell me why you've had a hole in the wall the size of Plymouth Rock coming out of your crapper going on three weeks now? 听好,我并不是说我是莎士比亚,可我努力经营着一家体面的剧院。从尼普顿港来的工人伙计,本想来我这儿放松放松……可他们只能想到你们那边马桶里的臭味。快点修好。

Location: In the Footlight Theater, "Dames" restroom floor.

Hole in the Bathroom Wall

en:Hole in the Bathroom Wall de:Loch in der Toilettenwand fr:Un trou dans les toilettes es:Agujero en la pared